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VOICEOVER: It’s not fun
to be aroused all the time. Would you want to have
a raging boner 24/7? I don’t think so. It’s just nonstop. PGAD is Persistent
Genital Arousal Disorder. It feels like you’re about to
orgasm, and then it never goes away, so it’s sharp pains
all the way through your legs, all the way through your pelvic… It’s just nonstop. When I was like 13, 14 is when I first started noticing
that there was something wrong. No-one ever believed me. I kept saying, like, “I need
to have sex. I need to orgasm.” When I was 15 to 18 stage, I masturbated way more than
a normal teenager would. I first noticed that something was
wrong with Amanda when she first became
sexually active. She was having sex a lot. I didn’t know what it was. My whole
family thought that she was just… ..a whore. VOICEOVER: Everyone thought that
it was just a sex addiction. If I could go for the rest of my
life without having an orgasm, I would… That’s fine. Honestly, back then,
I was frustrated, because I started to think that
she was just a hypochondriac. I doubted her completely.
I still feel guilty. WHISPERS: Sorry. Sorry. Your child’s telling you
that they’re in pain, and the doctor’s telling you that,
basically, it’s nothing. And I believed the doctor
over my daughter. VOICEOVER: Some days I do OK, and then some days
I don’t want to be around anyone. I don’t want anyone to look at me. I don’t usually leave my house
as it is, but, I mean, I don’t even want to be
on social media. I don’t want to do anything. It was a huge relief
when we found out that it was PGAD, because then there was something. There was validation
that she’s not lying, that she’s not
making all this stuff up, that she’s not a whore, that she’s not a sex addict. VOICEOVER: He takes care of me
on days that I can’t move, on days that I’m, like,
having full-on panic attacks because of how much pain I’m in. Relationships are very hard
to keep, with this problem. He never once has judged me. He’s never made me feel bad about
not working or anything like that. When they say “love at
first sight”, it really was. When she first told me,
I didn’t know how to feel about it, but I liked her, so I was prepared
to basically jump in. The more I can learn,
the more I can help her. I’ll go with her to every
appointment, injections… I’ll help her
so she gets anything she needs. VOICEOVER: It affects our sex life
quite tremendously, actually. You would think that you would just
have sex and it would go away. It doesn’t, and sometimes
I will literally be crying, begging him
just to have sex with me, just to relieve some of the pressure
that I have down there, and so, when you’re begging your man
for sex, it’s kind of difficult, because then it makes you feel like
crap, like, “Why don’t you want me?” even though you know
that’s not what it is. VOICEOVER: I told her… I was like, “I don’t want sex
to feel like a chore.” I want it to be something special, which is why we kind of
cut back on it. I sit on an ice pack. Sometimes ice doesn’t help, though, so then I have to go to
the heating pad, and then sometimes the heating pad doesn’t
help, so I have to go back to ice. I have ice inserts that I can stick
inside me to help with swelling. Because it’s such a rare diagnosis
and there’s been so little research, we don’t know
exactly what causes it. We suspect that
it’s multi-factorial, from, you know,
several different issues. Amanda and I have talked some
about the fact that I don’t have a quick cure to this, but that we’re going to be trying
a few different therapies. VOICEOVER: I just wish the name
was different, cos the “arousal disorder” part
makes it sound like you’re aroused, like,
“Oh, yeah, that’s awesome.” It’s really not fun at all. I don’t know if we have a cure yet, but I definitely think that we have
not exhausted our treatment options. I am very hopeful that we can
get Amanda better and get her functioning better. My whole life would be different
if I didn’t have this problem. If I wasn’t in pain all the time,
I might be able to work. I might be able to drive.
I want kids in the future. My whole life would be different. I know I would be happier.

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  1. damn, i feel bad for her. i mean 24/7 feeling like u gonna orgasm then not then having aroused all d time… the frustration and exhaustion is probably immense

  2. I feel her pain, withdrawal from opiates causes that for a small amount of time for myself. (About 2 weeks)

  3. You need a different type of medication hun, go for some religious treatments a church or a mosque they can help you

  4. Hers exhibited in her teens I baby sat a little girl diagnosed at 5 and she masterbated constantly rubbing herself on anything

  5. I was on an antidepressant and I felt like this- so close to climax but no matter what it wouldn't happen and it was very uncomfortable . I finally stopped the med cuz I knew that was the problem , as I never had this issue before, and I was right. It was like night and day . So I feel bad for her and I have heard of this before. If you use common sense and think about it- you could realize how painful this must be . I hope she gets some help and more research needs to be done about this

  6. 30 Different medications 👀😲💀💀💀💀😱
    Doctors should be ashamed of themselves. That's ridiculous!

  7. It must be horrible to have this condition. I hope 1 day she will be cured and that there is a cure for this wish you the best Amanda.

  8. I going. Through something like this since last year..but I think its the effect the minds very badly

  9. Amanda dear, I don't know if you will ever even read this honey but I am so sorry that you are having to suffer like this! I can't imagine what it must be like to have to deal with a disorder that turns something that is supposed to be an intimate, bonding, loving, pleasurable gift in your life and turn it into such a horrible, debilitating torture for you to deal with… I wanted to make a suggestion and please don't laugh at this idea… I realize you have an amazing doctor that is doing everything she can to figure out a treatment plan for you but has she ever had you try the amazing medicinal plant called Kratom? It is not as well known by everyone as it should be because the FDA and big Pharma want to keep it on the down low (in my opinion) for obvious reasons… you do the math… Anyway, if you do your research, you will find that this plant has so many AMAZING medicinal properties to it and one of the main ones is pain relief… but besides that, it can be helpful in the libido department, as far as either making your performance better, or, if your dose is a little more, it can actually prevent orgasm and erection… It has so many more uses… it is also an anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, brings euphoria and overall sense of well-being, anti-depressant, lowers blood pressure, fever, the list goes on… it even helps with restless leg syndrome… This plant comes in 3 different strains and you cannot buy this stuff from the local gas station and expect that to work for you… I am talking about getting the real stuff buy ordering it from proper vendors online… like I said, you have to do your research on this but it might just be a Godsend for you, if they haven't suggested this to you yet… the doctors might not suggest this because sometimes they are brainwashed against natural medicines and their pockets are lined much better when they fill their Rx quotas… Please give this some serious thought… could just help, even a little bit girl… every little bit helps… there is also CBD oil that might also work in conjunction with this… CBD oil is amazingly beneficial and also helps with pain and inflammation… and helps you to relax and sleep more peacefully… I hope and pray that something works out for you soon sweetheart! God bless you and your family… Angela.

  10. The idea of persistent sexual arousal i.e. A near constant state or feeling of 'I'm about to have an orgasm or ejaculate' and the typically highly pleasant and enjoyable sensations that go along with that sounded really cool and really fun but the more I research this the more I realise that for the majority of people those sensations feel really great and more to the point painless but for the people afflicted with P.S.A.S often don't go a day without severe pain and I hope that someday there will be some way to help those people…

  11. I'm sorry u have to go through this! It must be horrible for u. I will pray for u, sweetheart. I know people will judge but they have no clue so ignore the haters!

  12. WHAT REAL MEN WOULD HAVE A PROBLEM WITH THIS, i wish my girl would want it once a month and i could die HAPPY, he is either gay just wants ps4 and netflix or his thing goes DEAD AFTER 2minutes of action LMAO she needs a real man to put her thing to sleep , horse style bone 24/7 yeah! not a virgin boy

  13. That doctor is NUTTS! NOT EVEN A DOCTOR more like a freak science experiment,
    " Here take every dangerous drug in my book from A To Z and lets see if anything changes" LMAO! Lets guess the CURE, She needs to be a porn star that will fix her and Be Rich!

  14. my best friends husband had theopposite problem. he can get erection but isn't able to have an orgasm. and when he does he's numb down there

    Hey guys its amanda help me out with something to help relief some pain. Cushions. Ice packs etc arent covered by insurance and i cant work

  16. Most people don’t understand the pain she endures 24/7, and only think, “Hey, that’d be awesome! What are you hiding for?!” I just wanna give this girl a huge hug and a round of applause for making it through this long😔

  17. Don't always (most of the time) trust a doctors word on anything. Get multiple opinions, research things on your own, question, persist if they aren't listening. Doctors are shit these days and don't listen anymore, especially if it's something that they've never heard of or read in a book. They don't know it all, even if they act like it many times and sometimes you have to stand up for yourself in order to be heard.

  18. If she listens to Ruqya on YouTube which is verses from GOD. Her symptoms will most likely go away but please seek professional advice first. Iv tried it and it works.

  19. The condition you have Amanda, I find it embarrassing and humiliating to be honest, summit that you can’t stop and summit you could just carry on forever unless on medication, but I just feel so sorry for you Amanda the life your living but I hope that one day in your life you will have kids

  20. Look at all these cereal box doctors suggesting treatments and shaming her for taking medication! Absolute nut jobs!

  21. Has she tryed venlafaxine it blocks the nerve pain I think it has something to do with the bladder getting the nerves crossed it has nothing to do with arousal it's like the need to sneeze over and over it's the nerves firing to the wrong place

  22. This poor woman. I really hope she and JoJo have a happy marriage and she can find more ways to manage her disorder.

  23. I've been having this all day, I gotten really worried, I did some research & really hoping it goes away 🙁 its terrible I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

  24. i know it sounds weird, but dating a male pornstar could help her situation. james deen, for example, can endure multiple scenes a day. but there are others too.

  25. oh man, i wish this girl ALL the luck in the world. she deserves to be happy just like everyone else and i hope her doctor can find something to help achieve that.

  26. The comments I'm reading are disgusting, childish, evil. But that's people's true colours with the safety of a phone screen, to her face you would not be so mean
    This girl is suffering and each and everyone of you just made it worse.. You should all be ashamed

  27. I've had this happen to me, I've never been diagnosed and I have never told anyone. I occasionally get a sort of pain/burn in the genital area that isn't pleasurable, but comparable to an orgasm. Masturbation does NOT prevent it, it'll stop for a minute or 2 and then the pain comes back. And having infections down there makes it even worse for me.

  28. some people are messed up in the comments here….

    Damn, nothing but respect for her, life’s the biggest middle finger to some people & for her its one on each hand…true respect & nothing less

  29. I remember seeing this on Grey's Anatomy; where it wasn't taken seriously, at first.

    But anything that disrupts a person's life, every day, isn't funny. I hope the doctors can find other ways to help her.

  30. How does that dopamine receptor not get worn down and reach equilibrium? You cant take the same amount of cocaine everyday and feel it the same.

  31. Im pretty sure I have this condition because of my religion, culture and parents I have not been able to get a clear diagnosis. Hopefully at age 18 I'll be able to get it diagnosed but I do feel the sharp pains that need to orgasm is there all the time. It runs a lot for u and at age 16 dealing with this is just too much

  32. My thoughts and prayers go out to Amanda🕊️🙏 I hope she eventually gets well from this illness and leads a more happier life.

  33. As a guy i was always sexually aroused in my late teens till my mud 20s. I used to masturbate 2 to 3 times a day. Is it really a disease to be aroused all day. Its normal i think.

  34. I used to masturbation have similar problem, but Jesus has set me free from homosexuality, depression, pornography, suicidal attempts, masturbation, Amanda get down on your knees and ask Jesus to help you. … he's the only one truth cure


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