Timeline: Trump To Withdraw 4,000 Troops From Afghanistan | NBC News NOW

40 thoughts on “Timeline: Trump To Withdraw 4,000 Troops From Afghanistan | NBC News NOW

  1. How is this a surprise to anyone ? He literally said (dozens of times) during his campaign that he wanted to bring troops home. This is great news. Having our troops stationed in all these other countries, is expensive and does not benefit the average American in any way.

  2. Now that America is producing so much gas / oil (thank you Republicans) … there is no benefit for us to remain in the Middle East.

  3. We need to pull everybody out of there because then it leaves everyone else that's left their vulnerable.
    Let Allie Baba and his den of thieves handle their own country for once ..

  4. America was in Vietnam for over 20 years and they spent more than what they spent in vietnam. All the US is trying to do now is withdraw without losing too much face. The war has already been lost. its over.

  5. The combat mission officially ended in 2014. its now a resolute support mission "train and assist" its not a 20 year old war.

  6. Trump needs more soldiers to rent out to the Saudis. The Saudi Kingdom was sold on the VIP amenities when they purchased the 45th floor of Trump Tower.

  7. Withdrawal to Iraq and Syria Oilfields getting ready for ANOTHER QUAGMIRE fighting Iran mother of all WARS. Afghanistan was a Republican FAKE war now ANOTHER Republican starting ANOTHER FAKE war with Syria and Iran. Republicans are sick.

  8. Mr. President, most Americans want ALL members of our Armed Forces brought home, and not just from Afghanistan. Bring them home from Iraq, Syria, Libya, Arabia, Turkey, Germany, South Korea, a dozen African "nations," Poland, Lithuania, Kosovo, Italy, and the rest of the 100-plus places where our troops are stationed. The only exceptions should be our own backyard — Canada, Greenland, Bermuda, etc. The troops in these places actually do help protect the homeland from attack.

  9. dude you are not a journalist get this man out of him NBC he took the whole minute whining and complaining instead of telling us what the story is

  10. Draft-dodging should be a disqualifier for the presidency. He has no idea wtf he is doing, he's just looking for talking points for the campaign.

  11. Let's hope he follows though. I definitely agree we need to get out of there, have NEEDED to for quite some time. ALL democrats should be on board with this frankly. Unfortunately, we can't take ANYTHING Donald Trump says seriously. I'm sure he'll renig on this within the next few days.

  12. Usa is simply there to block russia and china from entering asia,they told them that asia and afgan trillion dollar rare mineral wealth wasnt for there taking.https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanghai_Cooperation_Organisation

  13. …. and this is a bad thing?…. I can see how it might be bad for Haliburton seeing that this is 8,000 cans of coke they can't sell on a daily basis for $6 a can.

  14. USA after 17 years still has 12,000 troops in Afganistan.
    Iraq + Afghanistan = $ 5 Trillion dollars.
    George W. Bush, Obama, Trump….. losers ×3
    Vote BERNIE 2020

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