100 thoughts on “Tlaib rejects Israel’s offer to visit West Bank after facing criticism

  1. Talib did look like (maybe) the victim, but her stunt …using her grandma for sympathy…and then refusing the humanitarian visa 't shows that she never cared about her family and wanted only to bash Isreal again. To blame Trump or the Isreali prime minister is another idiotic move from the Democrats. Anyone with half a brain will see through this latest Democratic and MSM sham.

  2. Kinda dumb rejecting it, it's not like they wanted her there in the first place so no skin off their nose. Oh no everybody who already hates Israel, still hates them and everyone else don't care what other countries do to protect themselves from threats internal and external, barring invasion.

  3. So Tlaib chose to stick with her political views over using her Grandmother as a crutch for 'humanitarian' access so she could push her narrative from inside Israel?

  4. The squad, including Tlaib and IIhan Omar, are venomous snakes spitting their toxic comments to divide our country and spread their anti-Semitic beliefs. Banning the snakes from the Holy Land is the right thing to do.

  5. I should have known, Rashiba would pull off something like this. She cares didly for grandmother. It was just a political and publicity stunt.

  6. Shucks! I was all prepared for Tlaib to be an international embarrassment. She needs to go and take a lesson on how Israel REALLY is, and learn PLO et al are the reason there is no peace in the ME.

  7. Tlaib refused the latest offer, because seeing grandma was never her real motive for going there. They wanted to make a big scene protesting Israel once they got there.

  8. What's funny is that Palestinians live better in Israel then anywhere else. Her uncle said she is a Palestinian, if that is true she needs to be kicked out of Congress because you have to be a US citizen.

  9. Israel is NOT our ally. They have been using and manipulating the world through usury and exploitation. Why would you think that those who killed Christ would embrace Christendom? These elite hate us with a fiery passion, pushing pedophilia and even child sacrifice. It's Satanic.

    I'm not pro-Muslim, either.

  10. Isn't this representative the same one dragged out of some event? If you are Evil , it's so easy to see though the Holy Spirit. Thank God for the hedge of protection on We the People of the USA in Jesus name. Thank God for President Trump in Jesus name.

  11. She wants to go to Israel NOT to visit her grandmother, but to foment strife. It is irrelevant that she is a member of the US congress. She was elected by a very very small number of American cirizens to make laws for the US NOT NOT NOT the whole world. Israel should not let her into their home for ANY REASON because of her hatred of Israel!

  12. If she can't start trouble, then she doesn't want to go! So, she really doesn't care about her granny anyway! That shows what kind of person she is!

  13. The squad I will be glad when they are vote out, they hate america and Israel and the jewish people.Israel is a long time friend of the u.s. Trump 2020

  14. She was not planning on going to see her grandma she had planned to go up there to start trouble and protest against Israel that's what she was going there for that was crystal clear

  15. Let Tlaib in. Wait for her to commit the crime she was originally going there to commit. Then have her ARRESTED and thrown in JAIL in Israel for BREAKING "THE LAW" of one of THE most important USA Allies in HISTORY. These women should be IMMEDIATELY OUSTED FROM OFFICE and TRIED for "treason" and sued for 24/7 slander, defamation of character of POTUS and INCITING VIOLENCE by backing TERRORIST FUND-RAISING GROUPS!!

  16. There were restrictions on what she could say and do there. "Sorry, Grandma. I was hoping to start another intafada. I guess it's back to causing mayhem in the U.S. for now."

  17. Let's quit screwing around. To American Representatives we're looking to go across the big water and stir up trouble. Another country recognized that and said no thank you. After learning that part of the visit was to see a family member they said sure come on in. And now we have this nonsense.

  18. All the broad wants to do is pick a fight. She was hoping Israel was going to say no you can’t come, then,surprise they said sure you can visit your grandmother, so now, no I’m not going to go, what about grandma? I guess it isn’t that important, shove grandma off a cliff. Some people just refuse to be happy no matter what.

  19. people holding hate too much inside of them and they called themselves moral. She is high education but talked low… no matter what she didn't have her prize. If I was Trump, let her and Omar go to Israel and tweet later, people over there will give them a one-way ticket for good… Then the US will be free from those stupid people.

  20. She could careless about her grandmother.
    She's on a jihad.
    Get her outta there.
    She's done nothing for her district.
    She's on a Polly jihad.

  21. She was never planning on going in the first place. She just pretends, to start controversy, and divide people. Period.
    What kind of person begs to come, then says no when you say they can. GTFO.
    This was all just a political stunt. She used her grandmother for a political stunt.
    That tells you all you need to know about her.

  22. Radical jushis terrorist organisation break un rezulation more than 50. Now this terrorist organisation attack us government suxesfully 🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🇮🇱🏴‍☠️🌏👀🌏👀🌏👀👀🌏👀🌏👀👀🌏

  23. What a weak person she is. She is allowing herself to be bullied out of visiting her grandmother. I would never cave into peer pressure to keep me from visiting my own relatives. What kind of country does she come from that they are angry with her for wanting to see her own grandmother. She needs to respect any country that she visits during her time of visitation. And be ever so grateful they let her into the country. She comes from a sad race of people that would keep her from her grandmother all for the sake of politics. Israel is asking for nothing more than a simple Act of respect for the country that is allowing her in. Since when is respect something that is to be denied.

  24. Taliab needs to be removed from her seat. The people of Michigan can do this in 2020. She does nothing for the people that voted for her. Her agenda is anti American. Just nonsense nothing more. Trump 2020

  25. LAST 16 MONTHS – 208 PALESTINIANS KILLED ( including clearly identified press and responding medics ) and 13391 INJURED OR WOUNDED .
    2 ISRAELI'S KILLED( questionable car ramming which might have just been an accident) and 35 INJURED.

    Who is terrorizing whom? to say nothing of the bulldozing of homes of about 100 or more a year in the west bank all by Israel .


  27. Rasheeda runs for congress in the United States of America and then her people in Palestine think she's going to help them from here in America why don't she go run over in Palestine for something if she's so concerned about her people in Palestine you're not using America to start a war and I hopefully see that Israel will not welcome you because you're trying to use his real you are going there for no good and I bet she doesn't even go watch

  28. Hopefully this starts a conversation on why the United States gives Israel $4 billion a year to continue the genocide of the Palestinian people, land grab, and occupation of Palestine since 1948.

  29. You guys are all idiots. The zionist have all fooled. Hey look Greenland is for sale. That'll keep diplorables occupied for a while.

  30. yeah just like they planned and plotted to provoke Trump and no Rasheeda is playing and plotted to make Israel look bad bye them not letting her in but yet they said she could come if she's going to see her mother but guess what if she does not go media hey Fox News hey everyone out there if this woman does not go see her mother then she lied about how her mother was old and sick she is not to be trusted

  31. All you tin foil hat-wearing unamerican walking pieces of s*** need to learn what's going on before you comment

  32. Shes probably angry because she would be monitored and any evil plans she had made would be discovered. Wonder how much cash she has collected from her antisemite friends to pass on to Hezbollah

  33. Tlaib has changed her mind about visiting her dear grandmother because the confidential state documents, hard drives and thumb drives she was going to deliver to the PLO can not take place under the glare of TV cameras. She had hoped for diplomatic immunity to get around Israeli security, but now it really is just a trip to visit granny, As such, the old lady can wait.

  34. Talib is a low class piece of sh*t. Talib would rather score political points than visit her 90 year old grandmother. Her 15 minutes of fame can’t end fast enough!!

  35. Tlaib is double minded in everything she does: first of all Israel DID NOT MAKE AN OFFER, Israel GRANTED PERMISSION TO A REQUEST based in humanitarian grounds. She did not take it because it did not aligned with the original agenda she had with the rest of democrats going there. All she does together with the rest of democrats is accused others of the very things they do and say, but Americans have said; NO MORE, they don't have support in their own district.

  36. This crazy woman is confused and can't make up her mind. They should ban this prejudice lady from Congress. Her only goal is to go to Israel and start a race war.

  37. Israel is a cancerous regime, just as Iran said. It's a murderous regime living on killing innocent civilians every day. In the US media, its called the so-called only democracy in the Middle East to mislead the public. If you think its a Democracy as the so-called media says, go visit Gaza and Palestine and see with your own eyes how people are suffering under oppression through the blockage. Its a shame to call such a regime a democracy.

  38. So, seeing her dying grandmother is not as important as she engaging in anti-sematism. Foolish woman. No wonder she is a part of the dumb squad. I bet if her grandmother passes away because of heartache, she will blame Trump for it.

  39. I don’t think Israel really cares if you rejected them. You and your liberal friends think you’re more important than you are. Trump 2020

  40. 1:15 That's a Lie because now She can Come. Apparently this guy is on Board with the Fake News Media in the United States.

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