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From the messages of Aliens to
the self moving rocks, do you want to know the top 10
unsolved mysteries in the world? Then, let us begin this episode. Hi viewers, this is Vikram Aditya
and welcome to my channel. There are many mysteries since
the start of history like Bermuda Triangle, Aliens, Monalisa painting, Egypt Pyramids
and so on. You might have heart about all these,
but the mysteries I would be sharing today are unheard up to 90% for you all. Do you want to know what they are? Why delay then, let us start our count down. Number 10, Voynich Manuscript There is an unique book in
the library of Yale University. Speciality of this is that none know
how this has come to that library. At the same time, script in that does not
belong to any language on this earth. This book consists of 240 pages and
every page has pictures of some plants which does not belong to earth. It was known to belong from 14th century
by carbon dating this book. Many say that this book belongs to Aliens
and they have written about their plants and medicines made from those plants in it. Number 9, Green children of Woolpit In the village Woolpit from England
belonging to 12th Century, a brother and sister appeared
all of a sudden. Their skin was green in colour. They ate only the beaf and nothing else. They used to speak some strange language. Boy from them died after some days. Girl left behind slowly learnt to speak English. She said that they came from a place called
Land of St.Martin and all are in Green colour there. Strange thing in that is Land of St.Martin
is no where on this earth. Where have these Green colour
children come from? Number 8, Overtaun Bridge Speciality of this small bridge is that many dogs
have commited suicide here from 1950. At present 5 dogs every 6 months commit suicide
jumping from a single place on this bridge. What would you think is the link between
this bridge and suicide of dogs? Number 7, Taos Hum In a place named Taosof New Mexico,
a sound like that of a generator far away is being heard from hundreds of years. US Government has even appointed a research team
to find out whereabouts of that sound. That sound is not being detected on
any recording device or microphone. Thus, that humming sound is
still left behind as a mystery. Number 6, Sailing stones Stones in the Death Valley park of California
travel Kilometers by themselves. They would weigh about 300 to 400 Kgs for us
to mistake that they moved due to air or rain. What would you think is the possible reason
for these stones to move by themselves? Number 5, Wow Signal When Jerry Ehman was into Astronautic
researches in 1977, he got a signal for 72 seconds. This signal has come from
Sagittarius constellation. That is 120 light years away from our Earth. One light year is 9 lach crore Kilometers. It is been 40 years since this signal has come. But nobody could decode that signal till date. Number 4, SS Ourang Medan disaster Two ships were travelling in the sea
between Singapore and Malaysia in 1947. The radio signal operators of those received
a help message from another ship. That telegraphic message said that all
including the Captain of that ship died. It said he too was dying and
wanted to help him. These two ships rushed immediately
to the location of that ship. All in that ship have died, but no body
had even a small wound. Fire had immediately caught in that ship cargo. That ship immediately blasted and
was drowned. How did they all die and what exactly happened
to that ship still remained as a mystery. Number 3, Stone Henge This stone construction was started in
3100 BC and was done for 2500 years in 4 stages. In first stage they dug holes to them. After 1000 years they brought stones from
about 240 miles distance and filled in the holes. Speciality in this is that wheel
was not invented by then. How did they bring such heavy stones
from that long? They arranged some more stones
after 500 years. And they finished finally after 500 years
in the final stage. Who built these for so many years and
what is the purpose behind it is still left out as a mystery. Number 2, Beale Ciphers Thomas Beale in 1820 gave a box
to his friend saying keep it safe and would be back again,
but has not come back again. Later when that box was opened, there was
some coding message in three papers. When one paper was decoded
with difficulty spending 20 years, they came to know that the gold
and diamonds in that would cost about 500 crores as per the present currency. One from remaining two papers
would say the location of that treasure And the other paper would say
who the owners of that treasure were. But nobody could decode those messages till date. Number 1, Hairy Hands On a road of UK, there were many accidents
in between 1920 and 1930. None would survive in those accidents, But one man survived a big accident and lived. What he said after some days
coming out of coma was that a hairy hand suddenly came from the back window,
turned the steering and caused the accident. But nobody believed what he said then. Exactly after one year,
one more survived in another accident. As he too said the same story,
all had to believe that. Whose would that hairy hand be? It is better anyways to close the windows
while driving the car in the nights. If you can guess the reason for any of the mysteries
I discussed today, comment below. There are many more interesting mysteries
not in the reach of science. I will do another part as a sequel to this episode. Guys, my next episode is
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This is Vikram Aditya signing off. Bye!

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