Trailer – Death in Paradise – Series 7 – BBC First

Wow Look at this It’s incredible This is Detective Inspector Jack Mooney and his daughter, Siobhan You think you know where the gun was fired from? Oh I haven’t a clue, Florence Strictly speaking, paradise is a state of mind You know what this means… Like it or not, you’re lumped with me Welcome to paradise

13 thoughts on “Trailer – Death in Paradise – Series 7 – BBC First

  1. Oh God it was terrible!!! It was like watching a school play. Awful writing, cringe making acting (esp O'Hanlon), the whole cast seemed to be waiting for the director to scream 'cut and redo it' at any moment. No wonder Mooney's daughter character excused herself half way through the first episode!!

  2. This was a good series that deteriorated over time, it should end now. Humphrey was a great replacement, but losing Camile was the knockout blow…the show is on the canvas, stop the contest!

  3. I've enjoyed watching the changes of the series over the years but one thing has always puzzled me: the island apparently is called "Saint Marie" (so spelled). Sure, it's a BOT, supposedly, but why do they pronounce the "Saint" part like it was French, rather than Simon Templar English "Saint" style if they don't spell it with the "e" on the end? Cp. a couple of towns in France: "Les Saintes-Maries de la mer" (there were more than one, in the Camrague, great place) and Sainte-Marie aux mines (Alsace) which I came across on a Mr HubNut video today as he was passing through it (and who also misspelled the name).

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