Trump Aide Busted For Lying On Fox News To Explain His Lie On MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Trump Aide Busted For Lying On Fox News To Explain His Lie On MSNBC

  1. So if some says they have no reason to be honest with you. You keep taking to him. Who does this benefit $. Why all the hip hop references are you trying to target a certain audience just asking

  2. "my single and solemn task in life is to find an answer to the question: how do I talk myself out of the mess I wanted so desperately to be involved in"

  3. If I lied so habitually and embarrassingly, I'd never show my face in public in shame. How do such people even hold their heads so high confidently

  4. Why is everyone suprised this administration comes from the top..yet he still sort of runs the country still..impeachment is a must..

  5. Spotting a liar is a skill. However, without realising it, many make errors of speech or use convoluted speech/unnecessary wording to 'hide" the truth or distance themselves from it. For example, normal people don't say "I don't remember being asked…" (convoluted). They say, "I was never asked.." (direct). Such slips make it obvious the interviewee is lying. Unfortunately, the majority of Americans can't analyse language as most make ridiculously basic grammatical mistakes – this includes many of your reporters.

  6. Are there any honorable men left under the Trump administration? Why are they all liars, and spinners.
    When they are fact checked, that's when the spinning starts. All graduates of the Trump Institute of liars.

  7. Lol…I can't believe how many people are not watching this garbage. This clown just referred to LL..viewers are switching to Nickelodeon..👍

  8. Trump and all his Kronnies should all be put in front of a fire squad. They're trying to run our Country like Putin runs Russia.

  9. He claims he lies because because other people lie?
    If the media is reporting his lies as news it's not them lying… is this the new tactic, claiming that they lie because they put you on TV and you lied?

    Real classy.

  10. I want to know why he is NOT behind bars for lying to Congress? How can he selectively choose which questions he will or will not answer and walk out of there freely?

  11. As the saying goes, if you don’t lie you don’t have to have a good memory. The justification of lies by this administration and all those involved in it never seem to end. LOCK them ALL UP!

  12. OK..Lets all focus on the minor and forget the major. You will defiantly see this country go communist in your lifetime if the republicans are successfully stopped from turning this country back to what is was. You will then blame the conservatives, but remember this absolute truth……..Conservatives build, but liberals occupy what they have never built. That is a fact and always will be. I DARE you to prove me wrong. Trump is rebuilding, and dems want him out for simply taking over their forceful entry. Wake up. Please wake up before it is too late.

  13. As popular as this hairdo is with certain elements of certain communities, this specimen seems a little young to be manifesting the ever-so-clear manifestations of sexual illness.

  14. What he forgot to say was that it was an "eight second clip of me being a repugnant little shirt-stain, bereft of any value as an organism, and a shame on the order of the universe".

  15. Has anyone ever took a toll on all da people-men who consider themselves smart that is letting this president bring them down many all the way to jail, it is a amazing circus

  16. Ari is forever quoting rappers. Always sounds weird because he insists on trying to properly pronounce lyrics that are intentionally, and almost entirely composed of slang. 🤣🤣🤣

  17. Snakes have no lips…Lewandowski is clearly a snake. And when he lies to the press guess what, he lies to the American People, especially to the ones who believe his "Truth".

  18. Lewadosky son of Satan john 8:44
    He lies that he lied that he didn't lie about the lie he lied what worse than that

  19. Well it looks as though it happens on both parties. It depends on the spin you put on it, to either look bad for the opposition, or good for your side. This guy is just as bad as Adam Schiff, and there many others on both sides.

  20. Just shows how much BS is coming from this President and his top advisers. Policy differences is one thing I have no problem with that but when people lie to the public that elected you to office is something different. We the people decide. Thank god for freedom of press

  21. NO Morals. NO Conscience. Not a bit! Malignant Narcissistic Sociopath. Just like Trump!

  22. Fox News has been Donald Trump news ever since he’s been president Insane all the right things just for Donald Trump but it’s about time Fox News told the truth Donald Trump is on hinged

  23. Who Who cares about the stock market in the Economy when a president wants to be a dictator we better be looking at that more than anything if we don’t we’re going to have a Nother . Putin from Russia which we all know is trumps best friend

  24. Face it, if Trump or one of his associates say something it is a lie. Big surprise there…not! It is time Trump and his boot-licking yes men to go before they do any more damage to our country.

  25. He was asked by a media outlet about meeting with the special counsel and he dined it. Then he says why he dined it. I'm not sure I see a problem. If the media asked me what I ate last I wouldn't tell the truth. The only spin going on is the spin the democrats are spinning to keep themselves in power and their system going. Don't be fooled…

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