100 thoughts on “Trump attacks Fox News: It’s not working for us

  1. Wait till you see Tulsi, (Capitalize) on This –
    – Such Perceptional Timing to bring in a New Era bringing in both sides for togetherness ..

    A Vision that lingers in The twilight zones

    For Tulsi 2020
    She knew what she was doing within the Democratic Party – when she stepped down,
    She saw it all around both sides on the battle field and home and Abroad …
    – From Every Angle of (Love & Hate) and she knows the Problems of the World…

    She got the Messages a long Time Ago, when she was a Kid ❤️🖖🏽
    And she’s Perfect for the Job of Commander in Chief

  2. The one time Fox reports actual news (polling data) since Drumpf began his still running 2016 campaign, and he turns on them like a toddler in a tantrum.

  3. Will be falling out with his lover Kim Yong Un shortly. Donnie gets bored quickley with people who don't do his bidding. Melania will freak out as she just made Kim a friend and on her Christmas card list. Cards printed in China no doubt. SAD!!

  4. Fox hires CNN darling cheating, lying Donna Brazille exposing themselves as the controlled opposition network I have always thought it to be. Fox is sleeping with the enemy and Trump is right to lambast the hypocrites.

  5. And his idiotic supporters DON'T know Trump was a hard core democrat before he ran on his build a wall racist rhetoric

  6. If Trump wants to pick a fight with Murdoch there’s only one person who’s going to win and he ain’t American…..

  7. Looks like the honeymoon is over between Trump and the FOX network. Maybe Trump can buy himself a TV station and a radio station that will only broadcast pro-Trump stories and opinions 24/7.

  8. Fox “News” is simply trying to pretend they are a fair and balanced network. They are anything but. They have been fawning over and worshipping trump for year.

  9. Good job Fox News you have insighted civil war , I will hunt you all for the rest of my life retard commie cock suckers. Eve who ever worked for Fox News has a bullet for them. From my great great great great grandfather

  10. When things are so screwed up that FOX can't keep repeating all of Trump's easily debunkable lies to hold on to the scraps of integrity they might possibly have as a Cable network.

    Tantrum time.

  11. After another deadly shooting, the pumpkin head will cowardly back down from the guns background check. NRA thank you for your continued lobbying

  12. In my lifetime……i have
    Never ever seen a
    PRESIDENT on the
    He the WORST……..
    What DAFUQ?!!!!! & I'm
    Not even a American

  13. jajajaj Freedom of Speech…. oooo wow everything your complaining about the actual networks have also done using the platforms for there own personal views agendas … with the purpose of turning or changing its viewers minds… but when the tables are now turned Trump is crucified…. the other presidents before him have done the same but I dont see you all bringing this up. 4 shame .. we all know that trump is NOT doing this for money he had it before he ran in fact he is loosing money by being the President of the USA… which other president has done that for our country?

  14. Stilter, you are not journalist. You are blown clown! Going on keto, would gelp your brain and body! I just don't see the reason, why people keep comming to watch CNN circus clowns.

  15. and CNN is not working for America…. they work for the Clintons..
    I really am hoping you turds fail along with the shit that owns this communist toilet

  16. More bullshit from 2 bozo propagandists. I won't even get into the details. If you're dumb enough to buy into this liberal Marxist BS when you're dumb enough to be absorbed by communism inch by inch.

  17. Karl is the posterchild of a typical 38 year old lib dem cali fuckwad. Vote repub… you will live longer, and no more feces and needles on your sidewalks.

  18. Only imagine if trump talked like youTube commenters. People are really tough behind a screen. Don't forget to use your Bengay after all that typing buds. God bless.

  19. Awesome that he has the courage to speak up when he disagrees with his own side. Liberals should stand up like this against CNN when they run these incredibly biased stories. Maybe they'd gain back some respect and credibility.

  20. What a disgusting human being he is. Dumb, uninformed, and mentally ill. In a way it's almost scientifically interesting to see a person mentally disintegrate every day on television. The 25th amendment was written for what if not this guy.

  21. FOX NEWS…BENDS OVER FOR THAT CLOWN WITH CHEEKS WIDE OPEN…WHY…Government subsides to stay afloat…??? With the blatant racist bigots…they have on that "RAG" they are still above water…advertisers…I'm sure…have pulled many ads from them…Maybe need to look at GSA…accounts..see how much they pay FOX (FAUX) in lost revenue !!! To appease the "orange moron" !!!


  23. "I don't want to win myself, I only want to win for the people" BBBBUUUULLLLSSSSHHHIIIIT. Pack your bags…time to get out of the WH. You had your fun.

  24. Oh no! Trump lost his propaganda machine! What is he going to do? He thinks he deserves everyone's respect and that he shouldn't be criticised. Now I think as president they should be respected but not the way he sees it.

  25. Bernie Sanders 2020!! …Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang for V.P. ….Mike Gravel is Awesome too! …these are true non establishment progressives who really care for the working class Americans. No Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Julian Castro, Pete Buttigieg, Cory Booker, Beto Orourke, these are political establishment puppets who do the bidding of corporations. ….there just as bad as republican candidates. Get out the Vote, health care is a human right!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJaW32ZTyKE

  26. The people and not Melonites, Fredos or Maddowees are for Trump. Freedom loving people like the Hong Kong protesters.
    TRUMP 2020.

  27. The idiots at corporate news agencies are going to be a day late and a dollar short on Donnie Trope’s long con that he’s playing on the news media. He’s been planning his own news network since before he ran for president and under the surface he’s been plotting the rise of the trump media network. OANN is his baby to continue his Putin propaganda machine. He already knows his chances of re-election is dismal and over the next year and a half he will be forcing his OANN down the throats of any person he can get his heinous hooks in, so he can continue to exploit the middle class for his uncontrollable greed.

  28. So sad.  This reminds me when my uncle started with Alzheimer's.  This is way worse then Ronald Reagan in his 2nd term as president.  Reagan was still doing speeches at 76 and doing a good job although there were issues.  But nothing like Trumps speech issues. Trump is 73. Do you know who is 94 and has a better command of his speech, though process and ability to keep USA safe? Jimmy Carter!

  29. Many loyal Fox News viewers are sick and tired of Fox slipping in more and more liberal news reject personalities. Jessica Tarlov, Donna Brasil, Geraldo Rivera, Juan Williams, Marie Barf, and many more. Soon, Fox News will be full of every CNN reject, making it equally as fake.

  30. Propaganda tactic 101. Trump & Fox know how to sell propaganda. Trump throws in a few critical sound bites or a negative tweet here & there. 90% of the Fox & Trump messages are supportive and in lock step with each other. Bottom line? Trump could invade Mexico tomorrow & Fox would be his cheer leader. Propaganda must have a sprinkle of truth to be effective.

  31. I was wondering when CNN was going to eat this up and twist and turn the narrative.. and by the way you lefties are Looney….

  32. As of October 2018, Fox News has added to their terms of use that they are an entertainment company: “Company furnishes the Company Sites and the Company Services for your personal enjoyment and entertainment.”


  34. "Working" has many connotations. I'm pretty sure in this case it was not the literal one, but rather often used connotation that implies agreement, or agreeableness. ie. "This just isn't we working for me anymore"
    There's still plenty to criticize there, but overlooking the context is a sign of bias.

  35. There are many who believe Trump is God and are claiming he is sent by God as Messiah. Trump is the son of perdition, 666. Evangelicals are apostates, trouble their plan when and were ever you can.

  36. Trump treats Fox News like Harvey Weinstein and Dr Larry Nassar (both sexual prededors for many years) expecting their loyals to protect them has they commit crimes in front of them 🙊🙉🙈. Trump like Dr Nassar from MSU and Mr Harvey, use important institutions to deny the TRUTH and feed lies to the public in gaslighting our country to protect them. Trump has been dirty since birth.

  37. "If I had my choice I would kill every reporter in the world, but I am sure we would be getting reports from Hell before breakfast."

    -William Tecumseh Sherman

  38. I see his next project if he does not get to be the president again. He is going to try to open up a news Operation and make money off of that and be against the fox Network . His mind never shuts down.

  39. CNN has more false reports and retractions then any other news agency. Although CNN doesn't qualify as news. CNN is such activism fake news

  40. corner a violent monster, animal, (immature child) and it will lash out at everthing

    Trapped Animal

    He needs MENTAL HELP in a Mental institution. So treat him and heal him if possible

    There's a child inside who is crying-out for HELP!

  41. That's it.im switching sides and switching Channels. I'm not getting facts. I de idedto get both sides and I've had enough of hatred. Ironically, I'll get nothing but hatred for seeing that it has become just bash Trump. Also, I've just started watching fox news. But, im getting so fed up with the only news being that is hate trump hes evil. So, im ready!!!!!

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