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  1. Military discipline depends not only on junior personnel obeying orders, but on senior personnel exercise self-discipline to avoid issuing orders which are unnecessary except in self interesst, either financial or ego.. Donnie demmonstrably has no self discipline and places his own interest above the consitution and the interests of anyone below.

  2. Being acquitted has no bearing on guilt, it just means guilt could not be proved……if he had his Photo taken with a dead body that shows who he really is, that is what you might expect from the other side, not the side fighting for Truth, Justice and the American way!…….not from a United States Navy Seal…..Just for that he should lose all honors…..Instead they fire the messenger??

  3. So why aren't Trump and his cult members outraged about this bozo wearing his military uniform to his hearing? Oh, that's right, because they're moronic hypocrites.

  4. Just when u think he can't be any more vile, he goes even lower!!!! Drumpf is a garbage dump of a human being!!🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🙄😡😡😡😡😡

  5. I suspect that both the secretary of the defense was and the navy were pushing to for the process to continue its course, but when push came to shove, the defense secretary threw the navy secretary under the bus and fired him. Apparently the armchair general seems to think a few years as a cadet playing soldier at some pretty boy academy qualifies him on matters that should be left to the ones in uniform.

  6. As has been said before, Trump (on a Sunday) started a war without any involvement of the Pentagon. He okayed Turkey to invade Syria while our troops were in the line of fire. No provisions were made to remove our troops before authorizing Turkey invasion. When criticised for this, as I recall, W.H. staff were sent to negotiate a short ceasefire to get our troops out. Doesn't sound like a carefully coordinated war that our Pentagon would okay. No, this was solely Trump's actions. We will not talk about Trump's properties in Turkey and his seeking favor from them.

  7. I wonder why CNN is not reporting about how Trump is doing in the polls ?? Bwahahahahahaha….I almost spilled my Hennessy !!!!

  8. We are not getting the whole story here. A written internet news service emailed that the Seal did not just appear in a picture with a corpse. More to the story. The Seal, assumedly the Seal in question, held the head up by the hair for the picture. Also, the victim was a teen and had been stabbed with a knife. Again, this was reported by a news source.

  9. One of those days, when the sunlight shines over the Lincoln Memorial, the Pentagon will state: ENOUGH, WE DON'T HAVE ANY MORE BUSINESS WITH THIS WHITE HOUSE!

  10. The authoritarian dictator pos potus chump loves and admires anything and everything that is moralless, soulless and evil

  11. I can't believe that the military would take any notice of a chicken crap coward who has never served in the forces and never defended anything but his own interests.

  12. Is the Tesla Truck most successful marketing launch of a failed
    demonstrated product in the history of product pitched on television?

  13. Sickening. Posing with a person you killed is not "hot dogging", it is deplorable. Sicko is dishonorable and deserves to be stripped as such.

  14. What about what Trump did to the head of the FBI that he hired…. Total total honorable man fired a few hours before his retirement pension kicked in. Just a few hours.. How is trump reasonable and honorable? Not my president

  15. When Trump is eventually indicted he needs to be treated as a test case for future narcissistic megalomaniacs who think that they alone have the power to rule without oversight. The founding fathers were fearful that one day a future president would set himself up as a monarch and wrote the Constitution to prevent this. Perhaps they never envisioned a future president who would trash the Constitution.

  16. Trump should spin the song " Another one bites the dust" as the hits keep on keeping on. The Commander- In- Chief is anything but that title. Disgusting!

  17. Trump (draft dodger) is sending a bad message to the military, to past military personnel who have been convicted of war crimes to future war criminals and to other nations. He's way out of line.

  18. Talk to all your Republican friends!! My Republican friends have had a change of heart!! They see how corrupt Trump is!!! Hoping there will be more!🇺🇸🙏 Our National Security and Democracy are at stake!!! 🇺🇸

  19. I’ve never been in the military but I’m gonna have to say I’m pretty sure posing with a dead body of the enemy is not only sickening it’s not how I’ve always thought our soldiers should present them selves by bragging over another soldier whether he is friend or foe

  20. God help the USA if they have Donald Trump as the Commander in Chief when you have to go to war a man who dodged his military draft now sacking his Military Commanders on a whim……..good luck..he would probably panic and push the button and destroy the whole freaking world…seriously….wake up Americfa you have a crazy man in charge…of the nuclear codes….

  21. OK History Lesson. One of the greatest Warrior in American History Gen G. Patton slapped a coward and took him from a Hospital Ward where real Warriors were healing from their wounds. He should have gotten a letter of Commendation for that what he got was a command from the President to make an apology. SO this is not the first time an American President pulled rank.

  22. The repugnant orange turd has been longing to pull a trick like this ever since his old man (who absolutely failed to pull out) shipped him off to BOARDING SCHOOL!!!!! TRUMP 15~20

  23. Not to mention the fact that he just opened the flood gates for terrorists to display American trophies going forward. God bless our morally sound & ethical soldiers.

  24. Now Trump can install a Russian Spy / Covert Operative in the position of Secretary of Navy also. Putin's takeover of America: On going.

  25. 11/25/19 Tucker Carlson on Fox accused Trump of a war crime because Trump ordered the bombing of Syria in 2018 on what Carlson claims were made up charges of the use of chemical weapons

  26. Trump is a mestastasing cancer to our country that must be purged before it's too late. People of good conscience must rally together and vote this sociopath out of our lives.

  27. The Tramp administration said he was going to MAGA, but the Zionist US empire continues to lose more credibility. The investigations and court case involving the US Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher were thoroughly mishandled. His own teammates accused him of committing multiple war-crimes against civilians. Then the US government finally charged him with improperly dealing with a dead rebel/terrorist (eg, taking a picture of the corpse for entertainment). Then the con-artist-in-chief freed him from any wrongdoing, and fired the navy secretary for disagreeing with the White House dotard.

    The real story was that the US Navy tried to punish Gallagher for a very minor violation, and freed him from his major violations, because the US Navy pretended it had high standards for warfare. In other words, (insignificantly) punishing a combat soldier for a highly debatable wrongdoing looks far better than (severely) punishing the soldier for committing multiple war crimes. This is why the US military is the most costly in the world and paid for by the petrodollar's global scams, but the US military has struggled to truly win any covert or overt war after WW2. People throughout the world are increasingly aware that the Zionist US empire is built on glamorized fraud.

  28. So, Naval Secretary wanted to the same thing the President wanted (restore Gallager's trident pin) so the Defense Secretary fired him. I don't understand.

  29. the dear leader in chief being a criminal himself, looking for companionship and selecting his new friends 👬 so that the soap opera can continue… … k.c.

  30. Just think about how other SEALs would feel about this. I'm sure no member of the military wants a psychopath on their team. If he really did murder civilians in a warzone, that would make me pretty nervous if I was in his unit. He could be a danger to his unit. It makes me think of that famous scene in Full Metal Jacket.

  31. Is America becoming a dictatorship led by trump, because if there's no check and balance on trump's, his statement about he can do anything is real. What is so funny this president's actions is accepted among many ,but a president wearing a tan suit was big uproar among many

  32. Do you really think that a 5 time draft dodger who claimed to have bone spurs really has any sense of discipline or honor when he's repeating Russian talking points, choosing russian propaganda over american intelligence agencies and claimin to know more than any general yet continues to violate our constitution and role of law? Its not even a question of has he done it more than once, twice, three times, but a question of when Nancy Pelosi and Moscow Mitch McConnell are going to hold him accountable to his oath by keeping their oaths to uphold and defend our Constitution from a criminal in the Oval Office.Moscow Mitch McConnell is by his behavior aiding and abetting this criminal in the Oval office by not checking these crimes and rationalizing them with deceit and obfuscating ineffective irrelevant distraction. Impeach this so-called president

  33. Focus on this because we all know impeachment just fell apart. Even Adam Schiff won’t say if he’ll vote for it now.
    FYI the President is Commander in Chief and is within his right to handle this as he sees fit. Suddenly all the talking heads know everything about the military too. Spencer bypassed the chain of command.

  34. Let's see how we feel next time a terrorist organization murders a u.s. Troop and poses with their dead body…….I'm sure Trump supporters are going to fight for the murderers not to face any consequences, right?

  35. Thank you President Trump for allowing this incredible Navy Seal his freedom. Taliban are evil and would destroy the USA in a heartbeat. TRUMP 2020

  36. All this is, is a beef or distraction, another distraction among many, to remove certain high ranking officers and people that could stop trump from dismantling, and severely crippling our military and the critical work that our great defenders of America do for us in so many ways, so that eventually the communist russians can easily take us over!

  37. Gallagher was guilty of that murdee and the guy who said he did it after receiving immunity, comes forward. I will never believe this farce!

  38. So what does this mean?

    The military can engage in war crimes and it’s okay with the Commander In Chief.

    My family has served with honor. Gallagher is a stain.

  39. Spencer unfortunately had to to the right thing to quit due to what he believed Trump asked him to do "Violates His Sacred Oath He Took". I ask you Donald J. Trump have you ever violated your sacred oath you took since you became President of the United States. It is not a hard question, just a simple Yes or No! Think hard Mr. Trump should you really be president of the US???

  40. King Turdmeister felt the uncontrollable urge (yet again) to shove his fat, little hands into some serious, grownup matters that are way, way out of his abilities to effectively matter. The big chump just doesn't get it.

  41. He’s always wanted to bring the U S into chaos. My hope lies in the fact that I don’t think he realized people, good people would rise up & fight him.

  42. Trump seems to follow an outright scorched earth tactic, destroying and/or discrediting as many institutions as he can: the separation of powers, congressial oversight, the diplomatic corps, the FBI, confidence into the intelligence community, the Supreme Court and now the integrity of the military.
    Even if he was removed tomorrow, the consequences of his reign will last for decades at least and some of the damage he did may never be repaired.
    Cui bono? Not the US, this much should be obvious.

  43. the last moves of a dictator after he successfully has the government supporting-(GOP)-as well as peoples-(Trumpians)… is to take over the Military… 'this' is happening today this week… the 1st time in US History a sitting President has reversed a Military Court… this is when dictators begin the final stages… water canons are next !

  44. This thing what the president is doing is very danger. It seems to be that he got some plans and play a game may be to sell this country to the Russian.

  45. Has he ever care about National Security? He trashed the entire US Intelligence Agencies in Helsinki! What is worse than that? In that opportunity he should be impeached for TREASON. Now , it seems kind of late!

  46. Two wrongs will never equal a right and posing with the dead body of the enemy of America is equally wrong as out enemies posing with Fallen Military Service Men and Women dead bodies for the promotion of their own agendas.

    Special Operators are held to higher standards and posing with the dead body of our enemies dead bodies goes against that higher levels of integrity flat out and shouldn't be awarded by the Military command staff and especially by the Commander in Chief.

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