Trump knew of whistleblower complaint when he released Ukraine aid: Report

46 thoughts on “Trump knew of whistleblower complaint when he released Ukraine aid: Report




  2. truth is , we are unveiling all the corrupt democrats money laundering deals through crooked hillary, joe biden, obama etc, they give other countries money . and that money goes into corrupt companies like barisma and then back into a familiar faces pocket like hunter biden. i bet there are alot more too , with hired actors in each country. with a full circle of taxpayers dollars that continue to make tge left elites rich. and now with trump in office all of this is slowly being revealed.
    draining the swamp

  3. MAGA 2020 by kicking President Trump out of office. US is now in a deep mess because of Trump and his policy.
    1. US global alliance with allies is now very weak eg Ukraine, Turkey, Germany, France, S Korea, Pakistan, …etc
    2. Slower global economic growth threatening global recession.
    3. Disregarding climatic change & environmental ecosystems.
    4. Poor political handling of dangerous nations eg Iran, North Korea, Russia, Syria …etc threatening global peace and security
    5 Threat to US values, honor & security.

    Another term for Trump means irreversible change that will lead fatal disasters to world, US & humanity.

  4. Wow they found two more people on the left with an opinion. Total money spent by the left in the last three years up to 140 million all for fake investigations.

  5. who cares! nothing illegal about it. he had 45 days to hold aid , legally. he didn't even hold it that long. and the ukrainian didn't even know about it so it wasn't part of a pressuring incident. NO CASE…. this is just a malicious attack from the Dirty Dem gang.

  6. from these comments, you can tell that stupid brainwashed people are deaf and don't listen. they actually t hink this video shows trump being in trouble, when it really shows he is NOT in trouble and that there was No wrongdoing. Because they are idiots who only listen to that dark evil voice in thier head that tells them what to think, apparently. Kinda like Adam Schitty.

  7. Yeah because he is guilty. You can listen to trump talk for 20 seconds and know he’s a scum bag and con man. If you can’t then you are or have the worst judge of character.

  8. Trump now claiming he did not know anything about what Giuliani was doing. How about the transcript of the phone call where he directed the president of Ukraine to talk to Rudy. Trump making the same claim with Giuliani as he did with Cohen when Trump was asked on airforce one whether he knew about payments to Stormy Daniels, "I don't know anything you will have to talk to Michael. The crooked self serving corrupt liar in chief up to his usual BS. So Crowdstrike is an American company based in California and currently working for the GOP. Once again Trump lying through his teeth to push a conspiracy theory, knowing that his sheep are too dumb to check the facts and his friends at Fox will not mention the lie. Trump as usual just making up any lie that fits his rhetoric. Trump always has a fall guy for the dirty work. Trump has nothing to worry about his sheep will not listen to testimony they will wait until Hannity, Ingraham Carlson, Dobbs and Co tell them what to believe, helped of course by carefully edited video.

  9. So now the NYT is reading our President's mind! What else is new….poor Dems can't stop themselves from digging their own graves.

  10. Okay let just look past bidens son making 85,000 a month from a super corrupt company with ties to the Clinton's. Let's also forget that Obama promised complete cooperation to Putin after he was reelected and right after re election Putin took Crimea. Also while we are signed to deffend Ukraine so did russia and china The Budapest Memorandum Obama denied lethal aid. The spin on this and the obvious over looking is insane.

  11. Misleading stuff by the NYTimes. Eric knew the aid was in final stages of being reviewed before release when he made the complaint.

  12. He had to release the aid quickly after finding out he got caught. Hoping that nobody noticed was his only chance.. well guess what Don, we noticed.

  13. So what? Biden contacts Ukraine to cover up a crime and nothing was said. if Trump held back money so corruption could be uncovered then fine with me. He is doing the right thing and will not be punished for it . The American people will not let it happen.

  14. Tricky Trump gets kicked out of FL by family during holiday, he's making their lives miserable. Escapes to middle east where he can refill his ego.

  15. FOX the traitors news, America wake up to FOX badmouthing our president and country, they are Clinton and Obama Hussein puppets, being paid by Steyer and Soros.

  16. If nobody wants to name the whistleblower why not for convenience sake, just use a code name.

    How about 'Charlie' ? It would be alot easier

  17. 501-C Charity-status needs to be open, transparent and accountable and not abusive to the public and I hope that our leaders will demand it! 501-C has become a hiding, breeding spawning swamp ground for criminals to circumvent the law, order and justice and The American Way. So then a politician solicits money donated to his "charity" 501-C in exchange for personal, political, monetary or military help  for or to a foreign Nation and he/she gets wealthy in these kind of deals. I think this is vicarious bribery and so do many other people.

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