Trump says Democrats are ‘very unpatriotic and in search of a crime’

100 thoughts on “Trump says Democrats are ‘very unpatriotic and in search of a crime’

  1. How much damage did they do to this country. The mainstream media is unbelievable at this point. Everything they say, you have to wonder if it's true or not.

    What do CNN and other liberal Outlets plan to do when orange man is out of office? How do they expect to get ratings when they're labeled a fake News company?

    Do you think the fake news problem will just magically go away?

  2. The dems are unpatriotic .the man that faked bone spurs, slated war heroes, turned his back on allies l,invited foreign interference in elections, and pardons a war criminal.. He wouldn't know the meaning of patriotism if it slapped him in the Orange face

  3. This is far way beyond the Joke. There should be Consequences for this Demonic Politicians who intentionally Lie.
    JAIL Sentences for missing each and every time. I want to see these goons put behind bars for abuse of position.
    God Bless you Pam for calling it out and God Bless Trump and the First Lady!

  4. Howcome Trump is such a crime magnet?

    It’s not just Trump’s closest advisors who are criminals (Cohen, Manafort, Stone) but also literally his first two congressional supporters (Chris Collins & Duncan Hunter). All prosecuted by people his own administration appointed.

  5. IT WAS ALL A "WITCH HUNT," a hoax, fake news.
    Until now. Congressman Duncan Hunter, another GOP, pleads guilty to criminal activity and lying about it. Another Trump wantabe. Who would guess?

  6. Send all letters and care packages to
    TrumPutin's New Florida Address
    Loxahatchee Road Prison
    230 Sunshine Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33411

  7. Don't use words like "pontificate". Average fox viewers dont know what it means. To those reading this, be honest with yourself. If you had to Google that word, I'm right. Regardless if you admit it.

  8. They don't have to search, Trump commits his crimes right in our faces, because he knows that his followers don't care what he does. They are all party and power over our country, it's laws, and it's Constitution.

  9. Democrats need to be arrested. Its so clear Dems are hell bent on getting rid of Trump because they are in bed with Cartels! America should be demanding they be removed!

  10. Democrats would love to just throw their political enemies in jail. Just like they did in the ussr. They also believe in guilty until proven innocent. Not that they would let them out even if they were innocent.


    🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸

  12. poor brain dead trumpo the clown needs to get his diaper changed..He is full of it! such a failure and embarrassment…a complete fool on the world stage…..and soon to be a crowbar hotel resident

  13. Pelosi guilty of treason for going to Paris and stating US not out of Paris accord and that Pres Trumps statements are INVALID. Arrest her now

  14. Looking at the demon rat front-runners I guess they have to make up stuff about Trump! But everything seems to backfire as usual!
    🇺🇸🇺🇸 2020 will be magrific🇺🇸🇺🇸

  15. Yep trump im so unpatriotic that im married to a US Marine.. Heres your id tan tango form.. IDIOT.. USMC retired Democrat wife..

  16. Opinion. The fox. News. Rotten. Co- hostbeefs. Thay. Are. Become. Like. C.N .N . And the. Other. Leftist. 💩💩💩

  17. An entrenched gov. disregarding the Constitution is exactly the atmosphere that created the first Civil War. These people claim to be LAWYERS but where are the historians? Every single historian ESPECIALLY Civil War historians know exactly where we are and no one is saying anything.

  18. You guys – by which I mean the few that aren't Russian bots – are pathetic. Whatever Trump says whatever Putin wants him to say; Hannity and the rest of the gang at Fox pass it on to their audience of morons and shitheads – this means you – and you just suck it all up. You gave up your manhood to FOX, because it makes you feel good. Pathetic.

  19. you lot do not care so long as you get your face on tv like trump, he uses every platform to say the same old lies over and over and over……boring

  20. Unpatriotic and in search of a crime, are you kidding. The orange mook is the one who is unpatriotic. The moron whines and cries about not getting a fair trial, says he cannot attend the impeachment hearings because he has to go the NATO meeting, which we all know he doesn't really gives a fck about it, why not send your lawyers to the impeachment trial. Oh, that's right, because you do not have a good defense. Go fck yourself you fck'n buffoon.


  22. The democrats disregard time old procedures and tell all that listen they are following procedures. Why this comment I heard someone say they are. It has been firmly established they are not following procedures, not to allow defense of statements and accusations should be a red flag to anyone, this is the hallmark of constitutional procedure, especially in Congress to which we depend on for our constitutional rights.

  23. Lets see democrats are unpatriotic. Oh, but he ran as a democrat last election and bloomberg a republican might run as a democrat.

  24. Most people that are guilty of something it doesn't take 3years to find out if they are guilty and it falls apart each time they look at something new

  25. Trump Pence 2020!Keep America Great🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸✌️✌️✌️✌️

  26. It's merely my opinion, but when the Democrats (Soviet Socialists) bring in these liberal college professors, it tells me two things: 1. They don't know the laws and definitions that we have adhered to as a country for well over a half century, and 2. They don't care about these laws and definitions, they just want to rewrite them to fit their position. I've said this before, but if I had been a Democrat at the beginning of 2016, I would have long ago changed party's. After all of this tiring circus show, if you are still a Democrat (Soviet Socialist,) you really have some serious mental health issues.

  27. Barack Hussein 0bama sent illegal weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels that led directly to the deaths of two Border Patrol agents in a blatant attempt to undermine Americas 2nd amendment. But "orange man bad."

  28. The wapo considers trump existing as enough evidence to illegally spy on his campaign as well to act with duplicity towards trump. Wapo is disgusting and everyone believing in their lies deserve the boogaloo that's coming.

  29. Democrats want a DICTATORSHIP – plain and simple. In the 1930's, they would ARREST people like this – now, they WORSHIP people like this. We jail those who OBEY the Law!! UN-believable. Are they (Americans) STILL saying they "have the best country"???? Jesus had a "mock trial" after hours. For those who say (And I hear this a LOT!): "Are you comparing TRUMP – to JESUS??!!!!" – I reply: "Jesus drank wine – and YOU use that argument to justify YOUR drinking wine – are you comparing YOURSELF to JESUS???!!!!"

  30. The Democrats didn't need to search for a crime, he openly did it on the phone call.
    Guiliani and Muvaney have confirmed it during interviews. Seven witnesses confirmed it at the open hearings.
    As for this reporter and "You did nothing wrong and the American people know it", that's phrased incorrectly.
    The correct version is "If Fox keeps telling the Trump cult the president did nothing wrong, you will all believe it."

  31. So funny to hear someone like Trump talk about Patriotism. He wouldn't know Patriotism if it smacked that piece of roadkill off the top of his head.

  32. Nadler and Schiff say they've found proof of sadistic, violent behavior by Trump. They heard a rumor than when Trump was four years old, he stepped on a crack and broke his mother's back. Oh, the HORROR of it!!

  33. "No one prevents a witness who can exonerate them from testifying." – Joyce Alene (Vance) on Twitter.
    So, articles of impeachment based on matters of record and to which there is no possible defence –
    1 – Obstructing both congress and the justice system by illegally claiming immunity and refusing to allow people to testify
    2 – Bribery of a foreign government for domestic political gain
    3 – Abuse of power (see both 1 and 2 above)

  34. i see this room is filled with bitching little trumptard jellyfish. smells like some of them have loaded up their diapers. better go crack a window….let in some fresh air.

  35. It's amazing how righteous and indignant some of these people are. Also, how many times does Bondi say "sham". I believe people in the GOP get bonuses for saying that word by Vlad and the NRA.

  36. The problem is that these people are playing Chess and thinking many moves ahead. Most Americans can't even see past one choice

  37. How long is FOX NEWS going to tolerate Google 'Moderators' harassing their subscribers? Theyre pretty easy to pick out. I have about a 98% accuracy rate so far. You really going to tolerate Google harassing your subbers?

  38. Guys regardless of your biased partisan believes (dem or rep). Look for definition of bribery in a law methodology book , now tell me this definition doesn't fit perfectly…. Republicans are not arguing law (because they know they are in the wrong side)

  39. WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH TRUMP: Jeff Sessions first senator to support Trump for president, Humiliated and resigned. First representative who supported Trump for president, Chris Collins indicted and pleaded guilty. 2nd representative who supported Trump for president, Duncan Hunter indicted and pleaded guilty. Paul Manafort, In jail, Rick Gates, indicted awaiting sentencing. Michael Flynn awaiting sentencing. Roger Stone awaiting sentencing. Michael Cohen, in jail. George Papadopoulos spent time in jail. Richard Pinedo, 6 months in jail. Jeffrey Epstein, committed suicide YEAH RIGHT! Thomas Bowers Former Deutsche Bank Exec Connected to Trump Loans committed suicide last week YEAH RIGHT! Stay Tuned more to come!!!

  40. siting a Washington Post article is absurd. In the 'article' WaPo sites ''an anonymous source'' which as is well known means that the entire piece is fabricated and untrue. May Bezos burn slowly for eternity

  41. Trump Supporters are mostly white, poorly educated whiners who are too lazy and stupid to get ahead. They always blame marginalized groups i.e., Mexicans for their lousy breaks. Also, Trump Supporters get their dubious information from Fox News, Infowars and Breitbart – and demand that legitimate journalists are sent to jail

  42. Trump is right. We are also fed up with the lefts bs tactics. One way or another they will go down. in history

  43. The Brits aren't falling for a single bit of this crap from the pathetic Democrats, they are an embarrassment to America and how the world views America

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