Trump supports an impeachment trial, GOP being able to call witnesses

100 thoughts on “Trump supports an impeachment trial, GOP being able to call witnesses

  1. I just want to point out how human the Donald looks in that picture. No orange skin, no orange hair, I guess the white house makeup girl finally got to him.

  2. Schiff made up words in more than 1 statement Mr Trump. He also said you told Russia to come get Clinton emails. You asked if they had them from what i remember from the speech. I can't believe they don't add that lie to his record.

  3. You can't make this stuff up !! Schitt is a Hollywood clown actor. But NOT a great one. One you need to have a STRONG STOMACH for 🙁 So please Hollywood, give this character his 30 piece of silver and sum of your idolizes medals, for his ego. True that he FOOLED the world big time with let us think he was a politician. So, PLEEEAAASSSE !!! Hollywood, take him back, ASAP !!

  4. The lying TRUMPANZEE is an excellent CULT leader for brain dead trumptardvonclowns! 😂 😆 Go on….follow the leader now, straight to hell and don't stop! 😁

  5. I don't understand how Impeachment is even being talked about. Do we not have rule of law in our country? Do we not have order? Are flagrant and unfounded accusations going to continue unchecked? When will this end and when will we see leadership in Washington?


  7. End all non-white immigration if you like our Republic. They vote 80% socialist without exception. Our rulers only like them because they drive down wages. I was in a factory the other day: not one American working in there.

  8. Demoncraps wasted $40 Million on the Mueller Report on “Russian Collusion “, and now How much on this CRAP?? Enough is Enough!! Do your Job Demons!!

  9. An Impeachment inquiry is a waste of tax payers money. Next time the dems want to waste millions send every American a check instead. Call it a quality of life check. Then maybe you will get more votes.

  10. We finally get a President who actually DOES something and the Left keeps trying to stop him any way they can. What's up with that?

  11. Schiff made up the statement cause he could… During the hearing you have to remember that the Senators and the committee were NOT sworn in just the witnesses, and if there is a Trial the senators don't speak either they are more or less the jury and judge. With that said I still think it would be Democrat suicide if there were a trial in the Senate

  12. Im hoping more of the democrat corruption will be exposed. Lets hope this time one of these democrats get their homes raided at 3 am with camera crews from fox…… wait a minute. That would lower them down to CNN's level or the Democrat level. Lets forget that and just put cuffs on them with 6 months worth front page headlines and airtime repetition.

  13. The democrat voters would like to see a bipartisan government working for the people, working for America. Till date there has been huge growth under republican governance despite democratic opposition and absolutely no democrat wins or constructive growth towards our economy. Why would I keep voting for a do nothing criminal organisation that just want personal gain and not solutions for its electorate?

  14. It is insane how democrats only decided which witnesses will testify. In no court will this ever be allowed. Schiff is a dictator.

  15. Ha,ha…as long as he has Lindsay Graham and a Senate majority to not only allow him to orchestrate his own trial, but to also guarantee the acquittal. Lol Yeah who WOULDN’T support a trial like that??? Lol
    Who to call to testify?? How about someone….anyone involved who can say ‘no, he didnt do this’. Think w can find one?? Or is it all just Burisma?? What a joke. U dont call 12 witnesses supporting one narrative against zero witnesses to say otherwise a sham…..U call it a shut out. But keep listening to this cheerleading squad.

  16. I encourage people to do not donate to the Democratic Party. And support other humanitarian charity concerns. I definitely do not believe that they should have anything to do with teachers unions making that Union believe that they must be Democrat and hire Democrat. When I was in high school there was a hostile environment then we now are seeing the results. Want to know more you can click on my images and s i n engine.

  17. Trick to trump, what ever he says the opposite is true. His father learned that long ago, thought milatary school might correct him, dident take tho.

  18. There's two types of career politicians.. Those that are smart enough to start Foundations to accept donations (quid pro quo) and those that are stupid enough to use their children to circumvent the laws against accepting gifts, cash and favors [quid pro quo]. Hillary and Barack have foundations. Biden and Kerry used their sons to funnel the money. I think ALL politicians families should be looked at because there is no way the senate and house salaries turn politicians into multi millionaires while the children all of a sudden get these very lucrative board positions here and abroad when they have absolutely no experience in the fields. Foundations should also be accountable to the last penny. After all, by current laws, even non politician related businesses are required to know where every penny came from and where every cent went… There is no way a foundation uses 98% for the broad generic term 'operating expenses'.

  19. Smear campaign pure and simple…….. Trump better fix the voting issues……. Dems are gonna cheat like all get out……… Everything paper ballot, supervise by FBI Or law enforcement…… Mr. President get on it brother get on it!!!!!!!!

  20. I agree with TRUMP. Let's hear from Schiff, the "Whistle-Blower", Joe Biden and Hunter Biden. They are all crooked RATS !!

  21. I hope Trump gets impeached by the house so that he has a chance to expose the corrupt Democrats in a fair trial in the Senate.

  22. When they say they have a “whistleblower” what they mean is they have someone who once blew a guy who’s last name was Whistle.

  23. LEGAL LAW ABIDING American Citizen DEMAND MY TAX MONEY be REFUNDED from these CONS in the current CON-gress for WASTING TIME DOING NOTHING for the American People !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the LEAST – – FIRE all of these CONS and remove their "retirement benefits" that they have and are STEALING from WE THE PEOPLE!!!!!!

  24. I'd love to see snowflake Trump grow a set and actually testify. Instead of hiding behind everything and not allowing anybody that works for him to actually say the truth. If he did nothing wrong why won't he let anybody that works for him speak? This isn't a legal issue it is a moral issue.

  25. tRump is a obituary liar and looks out only for Russia and himself. How can anyone in their right mind support him is unbelievable, he's been spoiled his whole life and don't see life like people that has to work for a living! These people are crazy!

  26. Democrats' coup has failed. Time to put the the Schiff, Pelosi & Biden crime syndicate on trial for Treason: Betrayal of allegiance to Country, Betrayal of Allegiance to Constitution and Rule of Law, Performing aiding abetting Corruption, perjury, and attempted unlawful power grab of a duly elected Presidency

  27. This is not about dems or Rep this is more about our country Donald trump is wrong everybody know that a liar a scammer but fox news full of cowards and asskissers

  28. Why do you lie?
    The effort to replace corrupt prosecuter general Shokin was BIPARTISAN. Did you conveniently forget?
    Plus you brought three witnesses. Volker, Morrisson and Sondland.

  29. Ha ha the 'articles' of impeachment the criminal DNC may draft up, given the high volume of low iq in their party, is guaranteed to look like middle school homework assignments. To help 'groom' proven total dummy Cortez plus the 3 nitwits, fumbling bumbling Pelosi should give them drafting up the articles as their middle school homework assignment. Lying Schiff will be too busy in mommy's basement choreographing fake witnesses.

  30. The dems aint gonna put it on the floor because Schiff whistleblower and Hunter will have to testify under oath. You'll see!

  31. Israel, Mr Bi Bi need some help…please…..he had been, treated like President Trump in his country, Lord help us, show us how to eliminate evil. Thank you Lord, Amen.

  32. I can't wait for justice! This and the election will be better than any pay per view title fight! GO TRUMP! Love ya and God Bless!

  33. I have to agree with the POTUS again…Shifty schiff is a crooked politician that believes we the Americans people are idiots.

  34. Fox journalist " The American people see that this is a hoax…"
    Oh really? Lol Since when does Fix News speak for the majority of intelligent Americans.
    This idiot sat up there and said " I'm proud of how Trump spoke on Fox the other day, he said " bring it on!". What a LIE!!! Lol
    Trump is NOT being trpargeted unfairly. He asked 5people to do this criminal investigation. Into the bidens and they SAID NO!!!! Now that it's coming to the light Fox news sits here pandering to the rest of their fanbase who only view black vs white. White vs Mexican and any other minority.

  35. Fox News panders to RACIST and classist. They will defend this MORON as long as he has power. The sad part is, they stomp over the constitution set in place to protect the PEOPLE from tyrannical government. Yet some Americans PRAISE THEM and follow their every word. These people feel above the law and above the normal class citizen.
    It's obvious. They would blow your brains out if given the opportunity to go up one rung on that ladder. It's sad.
    Democrats and republicans are CRIMINALS fighting to Sully the other party.
    The Epstein coverage by Fox is SOLELY due to the president playing his Trump card. He wants to blackmail top deocratic officials to STOP THE IMLEACH!ENT!
    It's a show of GUILT to logical Americans. You can fool some but you WILL NOT fool me. God has uncovered your mess for alot of people to see.
    Every journalist that sits up there KNOWS they are a traitor to America! SHAME! YOUR FACES ARE THOSE OF DEMONS AND LIARS!!!

  36. Chaffitz was an original member of the never trumpers until he realized it would be personal bad for him to be anti-trump while working at fox news! Chafitz is a two faced disloyal weasel not to be trusted. He'll be first off the trump train the second it gets tough!

  37. So to avoid getting exposed for these types of bad dealings overseas, the Dems projected their misdeeds in one last ditch effort to create a coup and take down a sitting President in the court of public opinion. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Stupid, stupid, stupid. Well I guess they didn’t have anything to lose because President Trump promised to drain the Swamp. Either way they will be exposed. And, checkmate! Sadly, some on the side lines fell for it. I wish those fighters could see the truth because it is only hurting their blood pressure. The truth is obvious.

  38. Now Schiff a typical corrupt Democrat your in trouble on how to defend your self. Your fabricating your whistle blower

  39. A guilty President would avoid an impeachment trial – just look at Nixon and Watergate.
    He’s not scared – impeachment is a political process, but the actual trial is not – the latter is based around justice and truth.

  40. Trump is such an idiot, he just don't get it! 😊 Trump
    made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to
    that! 😊

  41. Filibuster – Wikipedia

    A filibuster is a political procedure where one or more members of parliament or congress debate over a proposed piece of legislation so as to delay or entirely prevent a decision being made on the proposal

  42. Be careful, i think joe biden wants to give his and his son's documents to graham, graham should not be trusted that much, reguardless of biden and graham trying to convince the public that they are "against eachother"

  43. As if this bloated lying criminal would ever tell the truth. The old jerk off wouldn't
    attend the trial like a man, or freely let testimony go forward without obstruction and
    court stalling…Trump is just a whining blubbering nut job. Crybaby Trump.

  44. So many morons in the USA. A nation people around the world have looked up to and now see what has become of it. Impeachment or not, Trump is a sad joke that should never have happened and would never have happened in a nation with just a minimum of self-respect. Even in Russia I don´t think there would be morons enough to vote someone as despicable as Trump into office. It will take YEARS for the USA to gain the respect again it once had. After the US elects a new president of course.

  45. The month of December is coming & Justice ready to be served, Democrats & Obama Administration are scared due to the Corruption, Spying in the Election, Fraud, Bribery, Leaking, Clinton foundation, Dossier, Uranium one deal, Collusion, Human & Child Trafficking, Child molesting, Canibalism, Pelosi, Biden & Kerry’s kids involved in the Corruption in Ukraine, Quid Pro Co & the list goes on. Barr & Durham investigation is the final Answer to these Corruption Democrats, the Shadow Government are trying to Eliminate the Evidence with their people in the FBI & CIA & Delay the process. This is Unconstitutional & God will Direct his People including President Trump to full fill his Righteousness on Earth, IS IT JUSTICE OR JUST US, the Answer JUSTICE IS READY TO BE SERVED God Bless 👍👌🏿😎

  46. If the dems got there way we would all go down the swamp instead of just them. Trump was going to drain the swamp but the dems are doing it by themselves.

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