Tucker: Coronavirus pandemic is a real fear

100 thoughts on “Tucker: Coronavirus pandemic is a real fear

  1. Pandemic is a racist term…I propose that we start calling this outbreak a Trumpdemic or Trumpvid Corona.

    Udate: California has 33 confirmed cases plus 2800 "self monitoring".

  2. Trump said LOW RISK to public. What don't you people understand about that? President has made it crystal clear. you non-believers.

  3. Coronavirus was stolen from a Canadian Level 4 Virology Lab by two Chinese Spies in 2017/2018 and sent back to Wuhan. Canadians quickly removed the spies and covered it up. That's a fact. Easily searchable. Coincidence or not? This is a novel coronavirus because the Chinese weaponized it, then failed to properly contain it, causing the current Pandemic.

  4. Trump openly said yesterday that this virus will not spread in America. Clearly another lie to add to his thousands of lies so far. Wait a minute… America is looking more like Russia and China under Trump

  5. Well it's not like you can just shut everything down and send everyone home a capitalist country can not survive with out the economy running

  6. Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon me, a sinner, Amen
    Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy, Amen
    Glory to the Father and to the Son and to the Holy Ghost, now and forever, and unto ages of ages, Amen

  7. What about our prisons how is the health of these people they can't protect themselves. Free all the good prisoners who are due to finish their sentence .

  8. A bigot? Talking about a deadly disease, not a race of people who have been victims of it, . Very Sad situation, has nothing to do with any one group of people. Could have easily started in any country, and China has/is doing all possible to control it. Made mistakes? Don't think any more so than any other country in the same situation would make. What we can learn from them should be the focus.

  9. let's see if I understand the woke properly: the corona vires started in China so that's racial profiling? If the the corona vires started in America or Europe that would be white privilege imperialism, if it had started some where else, that would be multiculturalism so that would be alright.

  10. I'm not saying I like china and how it's been ripping us off for decades, sucking away our money in exchange for cheap plastic crap for american companies to sell to americans, but this is now out of the blue. Overnight, we have a new boogeyman. China. We've had people pointing at China for years, and they weren't wrong, but now, people who normally said nothing , are talking about how bad China has been for years, the very things many refused to say, they are now saying. Does anyone find this even mildly suspicious?

  11. Republicans and the TRUMP TV sycophants ignore and rationalizes Trumps crimes and misconduct that is infinitely worse than anything Clinton could have imagined, so as to justify their support for Trump. They said, someone as careless and dishonest as Clinton should never have been elected president! Instead, lets back someone much, much worse and totally corrupt and give him a pass each and every time he stupidly endangers our national security. Lets not forget Mexico is going pay for the wall. Fools! And his supporters never thought to ask- just how does that work? They didnt care- its a good rally cry. Then TRUMP has a tantrum and causes the longest Gov. shut down in history. We are at a rapidly escalating risk as Trumps grandiosity & paranoia rise inexorably. Tired of winning yet?

  12. No it's not just the Asians of the Cronut virus can be in other countries that have open markets selling disease sick animals that scientists are not testing for diseases as the FDA does in the USA before meat is sent out to grocery stores so no it's not just an Asian problem it also happens in Indonesia the continent of Africa several Middle Eastern countries of South America many countries were people need to be educated about safe and unsafe food clean and unclean food that has bacteria and what's happening is viruses that we're that only animals had our now and humans because humans are eating the animals that have these viruses bats rats cats dogs snakes raccoons that are sick no one's testing them to make sure that they're disease-free before they're selling them at these open markets and with Global Travel it would only take a few people to go to a few different continents and cause of global pandemic. So we need to get to the root of the problem where are these viruses crossing over to humans and I believe it's the food the open meat markets that are unregulated by the governments of these countries which is surprising for the government of of China because they are very intelligent that they h already stopped please open outside meat markets of disease sick bacterial ridden. animals

  13. Since we have seen "Woke Culture, Lying Media, Stupid people ruling Twitter and Insane Democrats"… I just can't help but feel a plague is just what the world needs…

  14. Sorry Trump loyalists but he's dropped the ball. This was a huge opportunity for Trump to show he can lead the country and he failed. Alll he had to do is ensure that the country is prepared and ready and he couldn't even manage that. He decided to blame the media once again. The virus is real it's deadly and we should all be prepared. Fox can't spin this.

  15. COVID-19 is a variant of coronavirus. It's ok have a heightened sense of awareness and taking precautions as paranoid as it might seem. But let's look at other forms of coronavirus:

    SARS-CoV: Mortality rate 9.6%
    MERS-CoV: Mortality rate 35.2%
    COVID-19: Mortality rate 2.3% (so far)

    Keep in mind that these variants of coronavirus are like influenza (flu) where they are active mostly in winter and early spring. People are recovering from from COVID-19 but allegedly they are still testing positive with no symptoms. Young, elderly, and pregnant mothers are most susceptible. We fear what we don't know but based off the trends of SARS and MERS let the health officials/organizations do their work and turn off MSM. Especially American MSM. We seem to be trusting people with Journalism degrees more than those holding PhDs. Let's hope and pray that this isn't a catastrophic pandemic with a high mortality rate with no effective treatment. It's wise to stock up on canned goods and emergency food kits as a precaution because we take of those we love, but let's see what early spring brings.

  16. its crazy that the trump administration is taking the same approach as china… deny there is a problem. Lets hope adults take control of the situation

  17. This is the same as CNN just using different reasons to sell fear. More people in USA die from influenza than COVID-19. It's not a pandemic either. Only people in China are dying from it because there are too many people and not enough space. SARS always kills thousands of people over there no one freaks out. FYI SARS is 100x worse than coronavirus COVID-19

  18. Bruh how scary is that once you realize if a weaponized virus was released on new York with that public transportation number. Yikes

  19. Why didn't the governments STOP all flights to and from China already? Air China, China Eastern still have flights flying into JFK. Sfo and LAX!

  20. It has NOTHING to do with Diversity. Nothing whatsoever.
    When are the Politics and politicians going to recognize the Evils of their Thought Control constitute the Basis of gen0cide? Nothing less.

    Wishful thinking does not constitute Moral truth and no matter what… the Holy Spirit knows truth from political B$.
    Guess they gave up on eUtopia and decided on eU-than-asia.
    Lord Jesus? Are we there yet?

  21. "How easy to be a bird or an animal, living from day to day, unaware you're alive, unaware that one day you will die."

  22. Around December, me and my family and many in my area got flu like cold. It started with weakness, runs, coughing, sneezing, and ended with cough with colored mucus when it started as clear. So viral became more like a pneumonia at the end of infection. Well, body fought it off and everyone is fine. It was bad. Very contagious. Old folks would certainly have faired poorly. So what was it? We will never know!

  23. If this is not a good reason to stop letting illegal aliens freely walk across our border then I do not know what is.

  24. My advice, get to the store and buy some extra food, cans of chili, bags of rice and beans, cans of fruit and veggies, powdered milk, toilet paper bleach soap and so forth. You do not have to do it all at once. Go everyday and get an extra bag of food. Get enough for a couple months. If this turns out to be nothing you can eat the food or donate it to a food bank. Nothing lost nothing harmed. I was at Safeway and they had a special on chunky soup, buy 2 and get 3 free. I bought 20 cans.

  25. Wow! This directly contradicts everything that Trump is saying about the coronavirus today! Infact, president Trump just yesterday called the coronavirus a hoax!

  26. money is killing us
    in usa wahes since okay wages since 1960 have increased 16% DGP okay GDO or GDP equakky equally weel l known has increased 168%
    AND yes you know socalled health care costs have increased 800% due to capitlaism and its actually a sckness care system

  27. Open enrollment for health insurance needs to be in effect immediately!
    "Without raising the price" Those with NO health insurance won't go to hospital/doctors and the spread will be ongoing!

  28. After an unexpected December trip to Chinas Hunan province to bury her father, a Renton woman returned home on Feb. 2. The following day, her husband told me, the woman was confronted at her door by her condo property manager. The manager told her because she had traveled to China, she should leave her home and be quarantined. On Feb. 4, flyers appeared in the entryway of her condo credited to condo management, headlined Virus Quarantine and alerting residents to a possible virus infection. The flyers advised people to wear face masks and gloves near her home. The woman, whom Im not naming because she fears further discrimination, was not sick and under no official quarantine order or restriction, her husband said. Neighbors learned of her trip and decided to take matters into their own hands. This incident is just one of many, as rumors,misinformationand fears about the novel coronavirus have flooded social media and news worldwide. Locally, Devin Israel Cabanillas Asian American son wasrefused samplesat an Issaquah Costco by a worker who expressed worry he was Chinese and had coronavirus because he was wearing a mask. The company has apologized. The Seattle Chinatown-International District Business Improvement Area said businesses reported sales taking a hit the past weeks, during Lunar New Year, usually their busiest time. Other local Lunar New Year celebrations have beencanceled.

  29. If it does have a higher R value than the flu, its unavoidable and containment is already lost. Just assume you will get it. Back in my day, we got sick and we loved it. I also see that people still hate Friol in Milan.

  30. I'm sorry but I think it was quite the opposite! For weeks they've been using fear tactics and giving false information to the public!

  31. When AIDS hit America, the politicians, CDC, and blood banks did everything they could to protect their bottom line and it slowed containment by years. It cost many people their lives. I hope that this governing is not happening again.

  32. Tucker, Tucker, Tucker… How many cases on a planet of 7+ billion? How many deaths on said planet? Being blown WAY out of proportion. Every couple of years the media yells that the sky is falling, and the Chicken Littles buy into it. Never thought I'd see FOX be part of this problem. Shame on you!

  33. The reason d rump appointed pence.
    Is his lack of scientific understanding.
    He is going to throw the bible at it, hoping the rapture comes quick.

  34. This SARS-CoV-2 virus is highly contagious.

    It is more contagious than SARS-CoV.

    Have you stock up on surgical mask, hand sanitizers, Vitamin C and toilet paper yet ?

    In Australia they are limiting the sale of hand sanitizers to two per customer.

  35. OH NO ! The whole world is coming down with a cold ! Lets all go crazy and disrupt our entire way of life because of it !

  36. Its kind of like being afraid every time you drive …… it makes no bloody difference if youre afraid or not !

  37. I have visited America several times. It was disturbing to see people obviously sick, working as shop assistants, cashiers, hair dressers and so on. My hosts told me that low waged persons in America often have no health insurance, and get no wages for time off for sickness. The threat to public health will be dire if people infected with the corona virus cannot go into quarantine simply because they cannot afford to lose their wages.

  38. Coronavirus is a serious problem but the puzzles is missing pieces I believe in our President and the people he put in charge to deal with the CV19 dont forget thiss a fight Good vs Evil and besides taking care of yourself and family pray pray pray In God We Trust

  39. Now see…. the only place I have heard this narrative is here? Progressives are not behind this. Why do you do this? you get it right so often and then this….ugh

  40. Your North Korean leader Trump said its OK so keep going to the rallies 不. You can pray it away with Pence.

  41. The vaccine for coronavirus (mfer trump) is coming November 3, 2020. We will retake my country USA back.

  42. Its estimated that up to 1;500 in Seattle alone are infected so no the seasonal flu isnt worse than this as our dear president and the media claim.

  43. Fig. 1The Queen's companyThe Pirbright InstituteholdsU.S. Patent No. 10,130,701on CORONAVIRUS. Pirbright tracks back to SERCO Group Plc and QinetiQ Group Plc, which both have contracts with the U.S. Patent Office.Outrageously, SERCO essentially runs the U.S. Patent Office (under the Commerce Department) patent application process!This "inequitable conduct" in patent legal terms is fraud and invalidates the claim while the world fights this British-American Pilgrims Society-inspired emerging pandemic, in our opinion.SeeTHE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE, Co. No. 00559784. (Jan. 07, 1956). Certificate of Incorporation and related records. Companies House (UK).

  44. Fake news, the President aleady said it's a hoax and is telling doctors how it should really be handled. Is FOX spreading anti-Trump propaganda now?

  45. 5G launches in Wuhan weeks before Coronavirus outbreak, its not contagious its the latest technology! Dont get 5G!!

  46. Fox five and the other people from
    Fox network are covering this as not a big deal .Tucker is the only one that is saying the truth.

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