100 thoughts on “Tucker: Russian collusion is not a real story

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  2. I am sick of hearing the same thing for the last 3 years collusion Russia badd president Get over it report on Some new news Trump 2020

  3. Where they found this bunch of loosers clowns Russia conspirators when China is killing millions of people Bloomberg is a Chinese opportunistic clown

  4. The corporatist left is sooooo bad it gives you credibility tucker. You must be working the cruisiest job of your life. Congratulations.

  5. We’re in danger!? We’re in danger, he says??!! Who’s listening to these clowns. 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️ President Trump is kicking @$$ and taking names. This guy, and others like him, that are against this President are the real traitors. This let’s me, and others know that the Deep State is so, so real. And we, The People, you know, the horrible deplorable, we super predators, we smelly Walmart Shoppers are sick and “TIRED” of them. They need to be not just fired from their jobs, but locked up and never be seen or heard from again.

  6. What a pompous piece of crap. Russia only marginally important? Tell that to the oil, nickel, platinum group metal, uranium and rare earth industries – and the many countries that they are actively controlling or trying to take over.

  7. Most of Russia’s so called aggressive actions have mostly been reactions to the actions of America and Western Europe.

  8. if russia was more like the USA, world war 3 would have already happened.
    if USA was more like russia, we would probably have achieved world peace already

  9. With all due respect, Tucker… the Russia collusion story may be a hoax, but it doesn’t mean that Russia is a friend of the USA. Russia has annexed a part of the territory of its weaker neighbor at the time when the people of that country were trying to overthrow a corrupt pro-Russian dictator. Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine downed the MH-17 flight 5 years ago, leaving over 300 civilians dead. Russia continues to be actively involved in the conflict in eastern Ukraine, which has caused over 13,000 deaths and millions of civilians to flee their homes. Russia has sent its operatives to poison an ex-KGB officer in the UK. Russia has sent a bunch of its agents to overthrow the government of Montenegro when it wanted to join the NATO.
    I am as disgusted by the Left’s lack of ideas and policy proposals and constant screaming “wolf” as you are, but it doesn’t mean we should embrace Russia and its mafia government.

  10. its almost as if market research told the msm Americans who vote Republican are patriotic. This means beating Trump is a case of painting him as a Traitor, who is selling out to Russia! its so see through, patronizing and pathetic! I mean since when did Democrats care about the constitution?

  11. I hope the public saw what today's professors are about by watching the three "esteemed scholars" testify at the impeachment hearings. Left wing whackos are bred in colleges.

  12. it funny going to left leaning youtube pages and right leaning youtube pages, and to see how opposite all the comments are. Every left leaning person believes trump is the devil and I come here and hes the best ever.

  13. Keep your Russian masters happy Tuck. Your station will keep their Saudi masters happy.
    Why is the comment section shut off on every FOX report about the Pensacola naval base murders?
    "I love the Saudis, they pay me millions. What, I shouldn't love them?"

  14. Until the world wakes up to the fact that Rothschild, lsrael and their central banks are the source of 99% of all evil in the world, nothing will ever change. These scum must be removed from the gene pool forever!


  16. Wow, I knew Bloomberg was an idiot since he launched his anti-gun program, but the more I hear about him, the more I realize that he is insane!

  17. Bush’s retirement fund got way out of hand when Clinton and Pelosi found out. They had to use it for personal gain.

  18. It looks like only a civil war will settle your differences in the US. I agree the Democrat ideology are demon infested. Last side standing wins. Good luck patriots.

  19. I'm really getting tired of the media throwing the label "conspiracy theorist" around like jackasses. What is it we are talking about with the deep state? Any guesses? It's a f#[email protected] conspiracy! A bunch of federal officials planning and carrying out a federal crime. It's a theory reality! It's real! Is anybody home?

  20. It looks like places like MSNBC have to keep hiring increasingly stupid people and go increasingly deeper down the rabbit hole every day. They've gone all-in on a bluff and they're not backing down.

  21. The irony is that Chuck Todd and the like are actually playing into Russia's hands more than anyone because the whole point of Russia's involvement in the 2016 election was to sew discord and political strife. That is exactly what they got. I'm sure Putin is more pleased by Todd peddling this nonsense more than anything else.

  22. Are these people in those ending clips serious?

    This makes my head hurt, how can people actually mind game themselves into this level of b/s at large.

  23. What if Putin says that a sky is blue and a water is wet? Would any patriotic American have to say the opposite?

  24. a ufo lands, and the occupants after flying undetected around the earth for say , the last 30 years, have made a list of wars started, sovereign countries invaded, people killed by military action, tonnage of bombs dropped ,etc.

    who do you think they rather have talks about peaceful cooperation with, "corrupt" Russia or the "free" United states ?

  25. “Russia isn’t our enemy, it’s CHINA!”
    wow how about we fix the FDA and stop allowing bad chinese products to poison Americans and we can have 0 enemies?

  26. NDAA 2012 Act reversed the Smith – Mundt act which made propaganda illegal back since the 40s, now its legal thus the CIA FBI Public Relations lol can do whatever they want

  27. The American people are so bombarded with our main stream press, and our political leadership of how evil is Putin? If you see Putin speaks he doesn’t sound foaming at the mouth as our Joos who are running our country. Therefore, it is better if we reflected on why our Joos hate Putin? That is the only question that needs to be asked to make the unwashed understand why we are witnessing this JooCoup.

  28. I know you wont see this there are just too many of us but darnit you are hilarious. I am picking up your style when I argue with my husband. Winning.

  29. These idiots makes me sick oh my Lord. Come on Tucker there's a reason I don't watch them but now your playing them come on your gonna make me stop watching you cause I'm gonna throw something at my TV

  30. It's strangely amusing that the left became McCarthyites. To grow the State, they can morph into anything.

  31. He's right though… he does have a constituency to answer to… Michael Bloomberg and the other Billionaires investing large sums of wealth into China. That's his "constituency".

  32. Yep, the deep state unconstitutional corrupt demorats are far more dangerous to our country and health than Russia is!

  33. In this whole sordid affair concerning alleged Russian interference in the 2016 Presidential election, the one question that has never been asked by any pundit in either the MSM or cable is — What was the motive for Russia to interfere in the election? To date no one has asked — why?

  34. the eunuchs are now in the democrat party fighting for the chinese dictatorship. the name dictatorship that tolerates no dissidents and puts away millions of ughers in concentration camps to unlearn their islamic religion.

  35. Let me spell it out, our media has been hijcked and now they steer US foreign policy into being used to establish global Jewish hegemony. It's been like this longer than i care to think about.

  36. What if sen. Kennedy isn’t the pawn but it’s really chuck todd for Hillary and the DNC. Hmmmm intriguing but Impossible. Because RUSSSIIIIAAAAA

  37. Rutgers grad here… yeah idk if thats the "regular" anymore, we got some good seeds in there but quite a few, um lets say interesting ones over there as well

  38. There's nothing in the constitution that requires that we recognize the failed Congress of Washington… I propose developing a competitive congress, put it in Iowa, and we will follow that one… the DC Swamp is no longer credible, they've violated constitutional law, and they are enemies from within…

  39. By contrast, the President's soliciting of foreign election aid, extortion, obstruction of justice, obstruction of Congress, perjury, and attempted witness tampering are well documented.

  40. It is quite unbelievable that no-one can stop these idiots telling such outrageous lies on TV. And I'm sure there are even bigger idiots who actually believe the BS!

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