Turkey launches cross-border offensive into Syria – TV7 Israel News 21.02.20

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
News broadcast to you from Jerusalem; And in today’s top stories;
Following days of mounting tensions, intense battles erupted in Syria’s northwestern
Idlib region when the Turkish military launched a cross-border offensive against Syrian regime
forces. The United States voices concern over increased
prospects of “a more extensive conflict” between Russia and Turkey. A cessation of terror-related activities from
the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has come to an end today, when several clusters of balloons
rigged with explosives were located in southern Israel. Following days of mounting tensions, intense
battles erupted when the Turkish military launched a cross-border offensive inside Syria’s
northwestern Idlib region. Turkish artillery provided cover-fire for
a coordinated blitz by Jihadist militants, in efforts to conquer – among other strategic
locations – the town of Nayrab, which was recently captured by Syrian regime forces. According to local sources, Turkish commando
units supported the ground operation. “Today we have prepared our forces to work
in this area. God willing, we are working with our Turkish
brothers on this operation. The troops have started moving forward, and
we will try to recapture all the points occupied by (Syrian President Bashar) Assad’s militias
and the Russian occupiers.” While the Syrian army, fighting alongside
Iranian-backed militants, failed to withstand the Turkish-led offensive in two areas of
Idlib province; Russian fighter-jets conducted heavy bombardments against the advancing Jihadists,
which then allowed the Syrian army to mount a counter-attack, immediately regaining the
lost territories. In tandem with the Turkish ground offensive,
which Ankara diplomats termed as “limited”, Turkey launched wide-scale bombardments of
Syrian army positions in the area of Idlib city. According to the Turkish defense ministry,
more than 50 Syrian soldiers had been killed in the bombardment – which they underscored
– came in retaliation for airstrikes that had killed two Turkish soldiers and wounded
five others. It remains unclear whether the deadly airstrike
was executed by either Russia or Syria. In contrast to the Turkish statement; the
Russian Defense ministry insisted that the Turkish artillery shelling merely wounded
four Syrian soldiers. It is important to mention that the Turkish-led
offensive is still ongoing. It is indeed a so-called “limited cross-border
incursion,” which according to intelligence officials who briefed TV7 on the goal of the
operation, ‘aims to prepare for Turkey’s wide-scale offensive against the Syrian army,
if the latter would obstinately persist in defying demands stated by (Turkish) President
(Recep Tayyip) Erdogan, who threatened to unleash a military operation against the forces
of Damascus, unless they pulled back from the northwestern Idlib Province by the end
of February. In line with Erdogan’s clear objectives,
the Turkish army mounted the limited operation, together with Ankara-backed militias, to recapture
the town of Nayrab and the strategic M4 highway, which would consequently relieve the reported
encirclement of five Turkish military observation posts that are situated on the outskirts of
the town of Saraqeb. In spite of the Turkish-led offensive, Ankara’s
top diplomat Mevlut Cavusoglu revealed, on Turkey’s English-language-Network TRT World,
that some progress was made in the meetings between Russian and Turkish negotiators. ; “There has been some rapprochement during
these meetings but we are not at the desired level yet. Talks will continue. There may be a meeting at leaders level if
needed as agreed by our president (Tayyip Erdogan) and (Russian President Vladimir)
Putin on the phone.” Turning to Washington, where;
Pentagon Spokesman Jonathan Hoffman highlighted in a press briefing that the U.S. policy vis-à-vis
“Syria has not changed,” laying the blame on the Damascus regime of President Bashar
Assad for the latest escalation. Hoffman further pointed to the fact that the
latest developments in Syria’s Idlib region have brought about increased prospects of
“a more extensive conflict” between Russia and Turkey. “Our stance in Syria has not changed, and
that is that there needs to be a political settlement in Syria that will be for the best
interests of the Syrian people. We’ve seen [Syrian President Bashar al-]
Assad continue to attack his own people. We’re seeing that expand into Idlib. We’re seeing the Russians and the Turks
have come very close to having a more extensive conflict in the area.” Separately, it has also been revealed, that
Turkey had informed NATO of its planned offensive and has requested for the alliance to enforce
a no-fly zone over the region ahead of its attack. Turning now to Israel, where;
A cessation of terror-related activities from the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip has come to
an end today, when several clusters of balloons rigged with explosives were located in a densely
populated neighborhood in the southern Israeli city of Ashkelon. The Israel Police spokesperson’s unit confirmed
in a statement that sappers were dispatched to several locations in the city to deal with
a number of explosive devices. Thankfully, no injuries or damage were reported. In its statement, the police called on local
residents and visitors to remain alert for suspicious objects. It further called upon the public to immediately
call Israel’s emergency number 100, in the event that a suspicious object is detected
and to remain at a safe distance. Meanwhile in Jerusalem;
A female Islamist attempted to stab a pedestrian in the city’s popular Armon Hanatsiv promenade,
which overlooks the Old City of David. According to a police statement, an Israeli
citizen who noticed the attempted attack immediately overpowered the assailant, before police arrived
at the scene and arrested the suspect. Thankfully, no injuries were reported. Turning now to Israel’s Ben Gurion International
Airport, where; Eleven Israelis who were passengers on a coronavirus-hit
cruise liner off of Japan, called the Diamond Princess, arrived in Israel early this morning,
where immediately they were transferred to an isolated ward that was erected for them
at Sheba Medical Center in Tel Ha Shomer. “Around 4 a.m., the private aircraft with
the 11 Israeli tourists came from Japan to Israel and landed in Ben Gurion airport. They landed in the far, the end of the runway
so they won’t be able to touch anything. For now, they are healthy, we spoke to them,
they have no fever, any other symptoms. They took off the plane and went straight
to MDA (Magen David Adom emergency service) bus.” Unfortunately, in spite of the fact that all
of them appeared healthy; the Israeli Health Ministry confirmed that ‘following a thorough
examination, one of the passengers was tested positive for the coronavirus.’ The passenger, who was classified as an ‘adult
woman’, is the first such case in the Jewish State. Turning now to the Islamic Republic, where;
Iranians flooded the polling stations today, to vote for their country’s parliamentary
elections. According to an Iranian lawmaker declared
this morning that a high turnout of Iranian voters would signify a message of resistance
to America and Israel, as the country remains defiant of international scrutiny over Tehran’s
nuclear aspirations and aggressive regional policy. “The greater the participation of people,
the better for the country and it is a good message, message of resistance to America
and Israel. However, people are unsatisfied it’s better
to participate in election.” In contrast to the statement by the outgoing
Parliament Member; numerous Iranian voters and new candidates voiced hope for a fundamental
change to Iran’s policy and domestic challenges. “Wrong procedures have formed over these years,
unless these procedures are corrected, the coming and goings of people (Parliament members)
will change nothing. The face of the mistakes will change, those
mistakes will stay in place.” / “It’s the first time I am choosing a candidate
to go to parliament. I know a young candidate that I think understands
our pain very well.” / “They should create good jobs for us young
people, make housing affordable, make marriages for young people easy.” It is important to mention that thousands
of potential candidates were disqualified prior to today’s elections, in favor of
aspiring candidates that are allied with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. Furthermore, Iranian authorities predicted
a turnout of about 50%, compared to 62% and 66% respectively in the 2016 and 2012 Parliamentary

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  1. God bless president Dr Bashar Al Assad and the Syrian Arab army for saving Syrian Christians and millions of other Syrians god bless president puten and Russia for helping defeat isis and multiple terrorist organisation turkey needs to leave Syria and if the Kurds want a homeland take it from Turkey be a nice buffer state between Syria and what's left of turkey

  2. Irand is not a country , it's a jail , these ppl vote under fear , their names are kept and who ever speaks vs this religious radical regime , they get persecuted tortured and disapear

  3. We Christians hate killings but as long as these two nations are concerned and are enemies of Israel let them finish theirselves. It happened before and it is happening again and will continue to happen until Jesus come, Amen. Peace for Israel.

  4. Funny how they refer to the Russians who are in Syria by invitation occupiers, yet the Turks who are invading Syria aren't.

  5. Shalom, Yahuwah protects everyone who loves Him, but He will destroy all wicked people. (Psalm 145:20)
    Yahuwah Elohim bless all of you and keep safe, i pray in the name of Yahshua HaMashiach Amen HalleluYah.
    From 🇮🇳💞🌻🇮🇱💙🌸🇮🇳💜🌺🇮🇱💕🌷🇮🇳💚🌼🇮🇱💝🌹💖🏵💟💗

  6. President Assad or Syrian military did not attack any country outside of they are Borderland, who giving License to others countries to kill mane women & children inside Syria, destroying infrastructure of Syria, the war monger medias monopolizing public opinion. President Assad has every right to defend his people & his country. Syrian people should stand-up against any foreign aggression in Syria.Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan, & elsewhere this is my opinion.

  7. How long do we wait for Turkey to lose its youth, its economy and its reputation in all international forums with Erdogan the dictator? That is by all international organizations, so let everyone go out to save Turkey’s beautiful face without a person crazy in the wars. The dictator Kardogan took to the streets today against his military campaigns that have nothing to do with Turkey, neither in Syria nor in Libya. N entered a losing wars will increase day after day in the cities of Turkey ,, Come out today and not tomorrow

  8. How long do we wait for Turkey to lose its youth, its economy and its reputation in all international forums with Erdogan the dictator? That is by all international organizations, so let everyone go out to save Turkey’s beautiful face without a person crazy in the wars. The dictator Kardogan took to the streets today against his military campaigns that have nothing to do with Turkey, neither in Syria nor in Libya. N entered a losing wars will increase day after day in the cities of Turkey ,, Come out today and not tomorrow

  9. How long do we wait for Turkey to lose its youth, its economy and its reputation in all international forums with Erdogan the dictator? That is by all international organizations, so let everyone go out to save Turkey’s beautiful face without a person crazy in the wars. The dictator Kardogan took to the streets today against his military campaigns that have nothing to do with Turkey, neither in Syria nor in Libya. N entered a losing wars will increase day after day in the cities of Turkey ,, Come out today and not tomorrow

  10. The Russian know how to deal with the Turks! The crazy Sultan will bark and make a lot of noise but in the end will take his tail between his legs.

  11. Shalom Turkey! We Turkish Jews are with you! Show the Russian and Assad terrorists who is the leader in these lands since 1000 years.

  12. Russia take please constantinople back from this new hitler. Syrie , Russia and Iran please hit Erdogan hard. 70% of the turkisch pessants in Europa believe in the liar erdogan , They are no good in there mind

  13. Let’s not forget what God did to the Ammonites, Moabites, and men from mount seir during Jehoshaphat rein as king 🤴 in chronicle 20:5 to end how God confuse enemies and they start killing them selves the same things is happening Russian turkey and Syria and the rest of the country how there are killing the self let the name of God be praise and I pray for peace in Jerusalem and Israel 🇮🇱 in the name of yeshua hamasheya amen 🙏

  14. Russia, Turkey and Syria are pulling a bluff on USA. The Solemani plan of deception is in full swing. BIG SURPRISE COMING FOR MIDDLE EAST.

  15. Rouge Erdogan will be defeated soon. Israel prevented an UFB – Unidentified Flying Balloon attack!!! Good job for a mighty army for this region!!!

  16. These are the versesI refered to that get some reactions. At least there is a discusion and diverse opinion.
    Exodus 23:27
    27 I will send my terror before you, and will throw into confusion all the people against whom you shall come, and I will make all your enemies turn their backs to you.
    Deuteronomy 7:23
    23 But the LORD your God will give them over to you, and throw them into great confusion, until they are destroyed.

  17. Listen American and Israeli people!!! The Synagogue has broken agreements and supported those that do all the way! It´s not complicated to figure out that they are trying to survive by
    betraying good and evil alike! It´s highly lightly that Assad and Erdogan is not selling out their people like the Synagogue and Masons are doing in Israel, America, Europe and Russia!
    Only Israeli people know the value of the agreement the Synagogue has broken and what it means for them.

  18. Блять, турков погоним из страны как шакалов! Турки – мрази, забыли пути Аллаха! Кусают только тогда, когда никто ответить не может, всегда так было!

  19. Benjamin Netanyahu, I forgot to tell you, in my sleeping vision you wear just as much makeup and hairspray as you do in real life. It’s bad for your health and Yahweh made you beautiful naturally, however you have let yourself the last decades. Stop eating meat and no alcohol your only permitted to have your wife and cannabis for relaxing from the tyranny that Satan presents us with daily. Your allot younger than me, I’m 3,0000 years old. Your only 70, your a young man to me a little brother. Kisses and hugs, xoxo

  20. TIME LINE 9:54………..and SHABBAT SHALOM to you brother Jonathan, and the Staff of TV7 Israel News; as you all go out and come in. Praying for the Peace of Yerushalayim and the Redemption of ISRAEL.. Amen.

  21. Turkey wants to invade and take possession of the Kurdish land in Syria
    They have been fighting the Kurds in their territory for years
    Also the Russian – Turkey relations will become an alliance
    Socialism is a deceptive regime as well , is designed to inslave its citizens , only a moron doesn't recognize it , when in fact its been throughout history

  22. Why cry about Assad attacking his “own”people.he is not attacking.g Christian or secular people,only radical Islamist,of which turkey is a part.i agree with Assad and Russia on this one.all islamists,everywhere need to be “contained forcefully”

  23. Man, am I sick of Arabs and their chronic complaining !Palestinians and their cohorts can go to the nearest cliff and jump !By the way Palestine,we still owe you for Bobby Kennedy,big time!

  24. Beyond borders or territories or land dominions or occupied states, the horrible situation in Syria is saddening. To whoever should have the emphaty either from the world of for the Arab people is grossly misplaced an even lost. Millions have suffered enough and those that directly deals with it has the instinct of doing something about it like Turkey or Jordan or Egypt or Saudi for that matter. Unfortunately they have lost the enthusiasm. Would it not be best for the thousands dead and the Million syrian people displaced be given the true meaning of humanity?

  25. Civilian Deaths Syrian, Refugee Crisis and Public Building Destructions:

    Since Idlib is mainly controlled by illegal foreign forces, terrorists and rebels, I believe the most effective way to stop the attacks carrying out by Syrian, Russian and Iran and potentially China on the illegally occupying forces in Syria is for the US, and its European allies, including Turkey to sincerely demand that:

    1. The Syrian Rebels, Syrian Democratic, the Kurdish, terrorists and ISIS forces to either get out, surrender, leave the civilians alone or completely withdraw their illegal occupying forces from Syria.
    2. All of these forces stop using civilians as human shields during military battles and confrontations since these are against the UN Charter of Human Rights.
    3. Those illegal forces not to hide out in public buildings, eg schools, hospitals, churches, mosques, and temples etc.

    Both civilian deaths, refugee flees to Turkey and Europe and public building destructions would not be occurring should these illegal occupying forces were not using them as their protective devices and peacefully leave Syria.

    It is too illogical, bias and too unprincipled for the outsiders to singly or simple-mindedly tell the Syrian Government and its allies to voluntarily stop attacking their enemies’ military targets while paying no heed to the government’s enemies who illegally continue occupying Syria’s territories, hiding out in schools, hospitals and sacred places and then carrying out encountering attacks on the government and its allied forces.

    The real reason which is prolonging the current destructive war in Syria is because of the US’s dishonesty. As of the present time, the US is still continuing hiding its real intention ie instigating for a regime change in Syria using a covert pretense of fighting terrorists. Its real target is removing the current democratically elected Al-Assad President. The US has not, during the nine year-long of Syrian War, demonstrated to be genuinely attacking terrorists, incapacitating or eliminating them from Syria. It should have been able to do this in just a matter of months, not years, considering its almighty army which is one of the most powerful military component of the world.

    May I as a political sympathizer of the US respectfully urge the US Administration to alter its current policy which aiming for the so-called “Regime Change” to a more humanely and morally tolerant strategy towards Syria, adopting a Vietnamese renowned proverb “Them ban bot thu” meaning “More friends less enemies.” The adoption of such a particular change of policy would win not only more friends for the US but also strengthen its worldwide political and military status around the globe.

    The US current strategic propaganda of “indiscriminate civilian killings public building destructions” will not work since it is highly bias, unjustifiable and unacceptable for the Syrian Government to unilaterally withhold liberating their country and preserve their territorial integrity.

    People with common sense do not, will not and would not believe that Syrian, Iranian and Russian military forces did, do, will or would deliberately or intentionally target and kill innocent civilians.

    As for Turkey with very respect to its authority, I need to point out that it now cannot continue to hide its wicked intention of occupying Syria territory anymore. Prior to its invasion of Syria Turkey publicly announced on various media channels that it would respect Syria’s territorial integrity and sovereignty. It now arrogantly issues an ultimatum demanding Syrian Government to stop advance to and withdraw its armed forces from its own territory, ie Idlib by the end of February! Turkey’s delivery such an ultimatum to the Syrian Government is in effect a declaration of war which, seriously, could be leading to World War Three. It is more appropriate for the Syrian Government to issue such an alike demand urging Turkey to do the vice versa.

    Syria holds sacred and legitimate rights to liberate its country infighting against any invading and occupying forces. The sooner the Syrian Government can accomplish the mission of liberating their country the sooner the Syrian refugees can be resettled to their native homeland.

  26. Rev Ch 2 Vs 20, I know I',m gonna watch for that woman Jezebel in Thyatira,, Turkey to see if she is duck & dodging bullets, the very first devil worshiper & even stranger to thinks she could still be Alive, in Turkeys Full out War

  27. I'm ex muslim pls my brainwash muslim bro don't warnig russiya and isrsel .he eating all of you 😃😃😃😃😃😃😃..

  28. Irans a joke – they decide in advance who can stand for office , in a democracy the people decide not some fucking supreme leader – its sickand not democratic

  29. If CITIZENS would demand their leaders and their spouses and children go to the front line with no privileges they would not want war

  30. Turkey’s bout to get kicked then call Uncle Sam for help. Our lack of leadership in the world and pull back from Allies will prove dangerous.

  31. Trump better get our boys back home and let this kids kill themselves it's not our problem leave this to russia and turkey to solve their problems

  32. Isaiah 17 will be fulfilled soon.the kingdom of the beast is Zionist Israel.the locust army of the beast is USA and trump is the 7th and 8th king if Revelation.both will burn.Yahusha returns to judge us all.Repent and return to Torah not Talmud babylonian garbage.pharisees will burn like no body else.

  33. No surprise there , that Iran is disqualifying politicians that don’t agree with the status quo. The Iranian people come LAST

  34. Turkey is the eternal troublemaker of the region..
    Interventions in Syria, Libya, Iraq, tensions with the Arab states, the Europeans, the Americans, the Russians, tensions with Israel, Egypt, Greece, Cyprus, Armenia, the Kurds

  35. It's such a shame that the Coronavirus has spread to Israel. I also feel bad for people in Iran since the virus has spread there quite a bit. I heard that this was a factor in the lower election turnout.
    I hope the virus goes away soon. Take care everyone!

  36. Thank goodness for your joining the world society by Multilateral togetherness.
    But please don’t take the civilians airplane flights for your mercy views 😀.

  37. Chinese people should not be allowed to enter any country in the world until they can prove to the world the coronavirus has been extinguished 100% the Communist leaders in China are responsible for this the communist government in China can not be trusted they lie to their people and they lie to the world the communist leaders from China must be brung to court and face Justice or isolate China and totally destroy their economy the world cannot live with governments like these

  38. Turkey is threatening it’s Muslims Neighbours,all Muslim Countries must tell Turkey,NO,NO,NO,build economic prosperity for the Middle East,not wars,suffering and disparities.In wars,all parties losses,all years of building trusts and respect becomes futile,these effect futures generations.

  39. Beware of the Turks..they are a strong and proud nation and they dont like backing down, if they drag the west into confrontation with the east though??

  40. Yeshua Kadosh. Lord of this Universum. We want place to worship you, most High. Let Us build Third Temple on the Mount of Moria for your Glory, Yeshua, For Your Glory. Let your knigdom come onto this world. We wait Your light, we wait your mercy!

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