TVJ Midday News: Tesha Miller Case | 2 Men Arrested Firearm & Ammo Seized – November 28 2019

good afternoon I am Andrea Chism with
the midday news a special welcome if you’re watching on one spot
accused gang leader Tasha Miller has denied ordering the 2008 murder of a
former J UTC managing director Douglas chambers in a brief unsworn statement
before the home Circuit Court milah this morning challenged the
testimony of the chief prosecution which witness which said he ordered the
contract killing Miller told the seven-member jury that he’s a welder by
trade he said the first time he saw the witness was when he appeared in court to
give testimony Miller said he did not send anyone to kill the Ju TC boss he
also denied in knowing about the plot adding that he’s innocent prosecutors
are now making closing arguments Tasha Miller is on trial for the murder
of the former Ju TC boss Douglas chambers he was shot dead at the
entrance of the Ju TC depo in Spanish town st. Catherine two men were arrested following the
seizure of a firearm and several rounds of ammunition in Bay Farm Villa Kingston
yesterday reports from the Hunts mapley side that minutes after 7 o’clock in the
morning a police military team was conducting an operation when a premises
were searched one Smith & Wesson Springfield nine-millimeter pistol
containing 12 rounds of ammunition was found growing concerns from one local
environmentalists this afternoon about the effects of climate change in Jamaica
in an interview with TV Jay is a Shamala Pollan Peter s pute explained how the
effects of climate change are going to worsen with hotter temperatures
increased rainfall and longer periods of drought climate change is a daily
reality but for environmentalist Peter s pute this daily climate change reality
spells disaster we know that certain little islands off the coast of Jamaica
I have no gun on the water careening he no Lava Beds or no water and a couple of
other Keys across Jamaica are getting smaller and smaller I think this is
probably the greatest impact for Ireland people and even so mr. SP explains that
the devastation in Jamaica is far less than what is happening in other
countries especially those in the Pacific the size of the land of the
earth is going to be climb more and more land is going to be on the water
this is famously an example a famous example is our various island nations
like Vanuatu Keira bass Keira bass is in the Pacific is beginning to evacuate its
population and closed on they’re trying to move their people to Australia or
wherever we’ll take them the environmentalist wants Jamaicans to be
more responsive to this tragedy even as he cautioned skeptics who still
insist that climate change is not real and there are
scientists and naysayers in the world who say they don’t believe that what we
are seeing know is anything special that in the history of mankind it’s like it’s
a cycle and we are know coming out of an ice age and that’s why the sea level is
is rising but the truth is that in the past this natural change was slow with
climate change now this natural change is speeding up meanwhile the government
recently launched an initiative that will see 3 million trees been planted
across the island to help tackle climate change
Shamala pollen TVJ News as the Health Ministry ramps up its vector control
measures several mosquito breeding sites were destroyed in standfast Brownstown
on Tuesday the community is among several in Saint Anne where suspected
cases of dengue are on the rise crews from the National Works Agency while
crews from the National Solid Waste Management Authority rada removed
several old items acting medical officer of health for Saint and dr. Tamika Henry
encouraged residents to take responsibility for their actions we just want people to realize that they
have a part to play in preventing mosquito-borne illnesses once it is not
that time we can win this fight because if we don’t breathe in mosquitoes we
won’t have dengue we want our chikungunya we want our Zika and so the
fight is a prevention fight and it is for every single one of us and we really
hope that every citizen of Jamaica will take it seriously and start to increase
what they’re doing to prevent mosquito-borne illnesses while other
methods such as fogging may help to reduce the spread of dengue dr. Henry
says preventative measures are more effective important emergency measure it
is not the thing that we consider to be the most important because when we fog
on we hit on an adult female mosquito this mosquito throughout its lifetime
could have hatched up to 1,200 eggs and so what we’re concerned about is those
1,200 eggs that are there are those 1,200 different mosquitoes that can
emerge as flying adult the community in brown stone is the first to benefit from
the cleanup campaign from the by the NSW MA and the Health Ministry the Portland
Police have disclosed that a comprehensive assessment has started on
the for Haitians who arrived by boat yesterday deputy superintendent of the
Portland Police Division Choi Ville Horton says it includes medical
immigration and Security checks the for Haitians were found aboard a boat which
had mechanical problems and was drifting in Jamaican waters they were initially
taken to the Errol Flynn marina but were later quarantined DSP Horton says the
assessment will help to get as much information as possible well we wait on
the Health Department to see a combat father assess the immigration will be
kind of controller processes that might be a bit more extended so we run
concurrently there are investigations and with the
immigration we want to know under what circumstances there really were there
why they would be in or spears what it is that they were
on the river and it’s time for break here on the midday news but stay with us
more stories right after these messages welcome back and we’re continuing the
news over twenty million dollars is being spent by the tourism enhancement
fund TEF to up live to the community of a flanker in st. James counselor for the
Montego Bay North East Division Charles Sinclair says the improvements will be
twofold one will look at the economics of the community and the other will
examine social integration mr. Sinclair says they will be looking more at the
food services aspect of tourism it I’m certain will become a rest stop that
will be approved by the tourism ministry in respect to persons who pass this
particular area you have food vendors here you have a gentleman who is there
presently who is doing itíll food which you know that is a part of what is being
promoted gastronomy by the Ministry of Tourism and for our guests to
participate in foods that are prepared the jamia convey the councillor also
noted that a number of facilities are being constructed to include netball and
basketball courts as well as a football field he’s hoping the project will be a
catalyst for change and you also have situations where there is social
friction friction between residents that have led to in some instances violent
outburst murders and so forth well over the past few years we have had a
decrease in that but I believe that improving the amenities here will also
allow for greater interaction of the residents from the various parts of this
community well it’s gonna help the fan community provide more work for some
other people in flankin at all especially the football field it’s gonna
do a lot for it because these guys will cook a lot of folks will come in and
party and provide a lot more income for some of these folks in plonker
the two-year-old boy whose mother appealed for help to buy shoes so he
could walk has received donations since TVJ news highlighted zaevion Waldron’s
story of several medical complaints after being born with hydrocephaly or
water in the brain persons have given his mother money they donated to the Lin
State Community Development Committee anonymously and while grateful Lisa
Richards says she’s most excited about getting the shoes meanwhile instead CDC
says many more persons have been coming forward with various needs we’re asking
anyone just come to the CDC can make a donation and we’ll put it together and
we’ll be able better able to help all those who come to us for help in News
overseas protesters in Hong Kong will be holding a celebratory pro-us rally today
after President Donald Trump gave them what one prominent activist termed a
timely Thanksgiving present we have more from the CNN he says the bill was
enacted in the hope that leaders and representatives of China Hong Kong will
be able to a mcclee settle their differences and bring long-term peace
and prosperity for all the act is seen as a boost for Hong Kong’s pro-democracy
protesters and a challenge to the Chinese government at a time of strained
us-china relations earlier this week China said there will
be consequences if Trump were to sign the bill into law when the walk back
for the trade efforts which and it was also earlier this week that Trump was
saying hey we’re just on the verge of phase one of our big trade deal what he
says might be one of the biggest ever in the history of trade deal yeah now
finally mill expressing support for Hong Kong protesters let’s see what the
reaction would be from Beijing keep on top the story as soon as there is more
we shall bring it to you and in sports Jamaica’s track and field athletes have
dominated the nominations for the rgr Glynnis Sports Foundation National
Sports Awards with 11 of the 14 shortlisted candidates across two
categories world 100 meter champion shall in phrase a prize leads a list of
nine candidates nominated for the sports Woman of the Year award with the
reigning sportswoman of the Year alia arkinson the only nominee outside track
and field the other nominees are Rochelle Clinton Natalya ghoul sharika
Jackson Shaniqua rickets Daniel Thomas Dodd and we’re waiting for them to come
up in lane Thompson and Daniel Williams and the nominees for the Sports Man of
the Year award are world long jump champion Tejay Gill carbon number one
squash player Chris mini discus throwers Fredrik Baker’s and Travis Michael and
diver Jana Knight wisdom the list of nominees were announced this morning at
the awards lunch at the launch at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in Kingston the
rgr Gleaner Sports Foundation national sports awards gala will be held on
January 17 2020 a maiden Test century from barbarian
Shammar Brooks highlighted the second day of the one-off test between the West
Indies and Afghanistan with the carbon men in a commanding position at the
stumps resuming the day at 68 for two in response to Afghanistan’s first inning
score of 187 the Westerners got dismissed for 277 with the Brooks top
scoring with 111 Jamaican John Campbell also scored his maiden Test half-century
as he added 25 runs to his overnight 30 while Shane Dorrit scored 42 amir hamza
bagged 5 for 75 for afghanistan Huayra shitcan claimed 3 for 114 and Sahir Khan
two for 53 with a deficit of 90 runs Afghanistan reached stumps at 109 for 7
Javed Ahmadi has once again top scored with a 62 as Rakeem Cornwall and roastin
chase have both taken 3 wickets and that’s the midday news I’m Andrea
Chisholm join us at 7:00 for the prime time news package on behalf of the news
sports and production teams good afternoon

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  1. Don't believe Miller a bit the youth knows him well that what he said that he don't know the witness is a lie just can't get away this this when Jamaica ready to sink you can't get off this case this time Miller

  2. Well if they dont get him on this one there's a million other murder they can sentence him on dont let him out find something to give him life like kartel

  3. You are are the first media person that has the late Douglas Chambers title at JUTC correct. You correctly stated he was the former Managing Director and not Chairman as stated by some other media house.



  6. Climate change is OUR fault. Its not something that just popped out of nowhere. But greed will not allow man to admit it.

  7. What that lady is talking about the people should take cares of their surroundings, to preventing the breathing up of the mosquitoes.
    I agrees with her a 100%,but there are other water where is the government responsible to take care of if. I remembered back in the days growing in Jamaica the government useto have men in every parishes, that goes around with spray can on their backs.
    Spraying those bad water preventing the mosquitoes from breading up around the place, but the government is not doing what they supposed to do at all.

  8. I don't see nobody else deserving it more than the queen of the track, Shelley Ann Fraser Price. Because she won two goal medals for Jamaica, plus to make it special. The two greatest medals or the top spots in track and field, is the 100m both men and women. To proved the world fastest man,and woman.
    Those are the most covetious championships, all the other races or secondary.
    They used those races to decided the world fastest man, and woman .

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