Viva News – EP 9 | Ivanka & Sting Operation

*Reasonless – Saint Laugh*
Buddy, you want to have sip?
Why does he always behave like a Saint?
Yeah, we should take him to a doctor!
Sir, you are already on Live!
Welcome to Viva News
Ivanka arrived – Gachbowli and Hitech city revived
Jingle bells.. Jingle bells.. all the way..
With freshly created roads
And trees grown overnight
All our IT crowd are gone mad
Jumped hard
Cracked the road
I mean fired crackers on the road.
Ah, Okay.
But among this celebration, there is a commotion on Ivanka’s route map selection
To know if this commotion is an emotion
Or a lose motion, our reporter Konda
Reached Manikonda
Crowd shouting – “Aana hein Ivanaka hamare pass- Hona hein our roads bindass”
As you can see here..
As you see here, the localites..
Crowd shouting vigorously – “Aana hein Ivanaka hamare pass- Hona hein our roads bindass”
While others in the city are singing
Jingle bells… Jingle bells…
But here in Manikonda..
We already sang that song, give the mike to them.
If you sing my songs?! Why me and my mike?! You Psyche
If you do like this, he turns into Taher Shah…
Okay, we will not sing your song, please report now…
Hmm.. So.. Why are you protesting?
Ohh.. Mr. Raghava Please throw my Magic Viva Remote
So, this is our plight sir..
We are paying taxes since years, Complained many times on bad roads
Filed multiple RTIs
But none cared. Check that, see those potholes
We travel on those bumps, and disfigure our bums
At any cost this time, Ivanka aana hein hamare paass…
“Aana hein Ivanaka hamare pass- Hona hein our roads bindass”
Wait.. Wait.. I finally have the mike
So tell us sir…
The point is…
When Bill Clinton came, they laid good roads in Jubilee hills…
When Bush came they laid good roads in Banjara Hills, fair enough…
Now Ivanka Trump is coming and they lay good roads in Gachibowli..
Then what about our Area roads sir?
And so..
So what are your demands?
This time to better our roads, Ivanka Trump should travel on every corner and bump
for a minimum of two hours sir
At least then we will have good roads
“Aana hein Ivanaka hamare pass- Hona hein our roads bindass”
“Aana hein Ivanaka hamare pass- Hona hein our roads bindass”
*VIVA news magical powers*
Over to Studio
There are many unanswered questions in this world…
For example, E=MC^2
Bermuda Triangle
And our Saint’s reasonless smile!!
But finally, we have an answer for a bigger question than these…
What came first? The egg or the chicken?!
Our Murgithalana Ande-shinde researched on this for twenty five years
Play school to Old schoo,l he searched..
Then he researched…
Back searched…
Front searched…
Down searched…
Side searched…
Up searched…
What is this sir? What is this search shit?!
Who the heck wrote this script?
Ahhh.. Anyways the scientist is in his final stages
So now he will share his front, side, up..
Antim Sanskaar with Viva patrakaar
Firstly, my hearty wishes to Viva audiences…
Put aside the hearty wishes, Kidney wishes, come to the point…
Who the heck has sent him?
Myself.. since twenty five years..
Who gives a duck?! Come to the point!
So, in order to tell which is first…
Will you come to the point or not?
Everyone becomes a Michael Jackson before the mike!!
Sir..some water!
I drank while coming, quickly come to the point first..
Heyy.. If he dies the nation never knows the answer!
Water… some water.. any water…
Enough of this acting, come to the point.. C’mon
Acting ?!! Acting?!!
What the penguin is happening there?
Hmm.. something happened..
This is the best examples of Point becoming Pointless
So over to studio
What is this sir? He is crueler than Kasab!
Bribe… Bed… Platter..
Will never be completely full..
To Curb corruption Kamal Haasan made Hindusthani… Akshay made Gabbar
They got high collections, but still there is deep corruption
So, we trained chess to our reporters
To put a checkmate to this.
Now, we present you the live sting operation.
This sting operation is on a govt officer
who demanded a bribe of ten thousand for signature..
So we secretly pushed our Pydi Raj into this secret mission…
Over to Pydi
What are those lights and lightman for?
To capture the officer beautifully…
Never-ever-seen-before-after intelligence
Throw them aside, and go alone with the button camera…
You jealous people!!
Namasthe Sir
Namasthe, Sit…
Look here and wish sir…
Ah, I mean look where ever you want and talk sir..
Ah.. Namasthe.. take your seat.
‘Ghoos Gagan’
The head level (Inner voice)
Ah.. Sir.. Could you sign file..
What man?
Did you bring the money?
Ha, I brought it sir…
Pass it to me under the table…
What again?
My grandmother told me not to give money under a table sir…
I’ll give it above the table…
What the?? Give it fast…
What happened?
Is this angle fine?
(Over the earpiece) Yes, fine
Over to studio.
Are you a news reporter?
You guessed it right buddy!
If you stop that recording, I will give you a lakh..
Haha, we are already paying 5000 every month
Does not tempt for money…
What the tortoise?
Hey.. How much did he offer?
(Over the Walkie talkie)One lakh rupees.
Okay, I will give you one lakh five rupees.
I will give you two lakhs
Hey… I will give you two lakhs twenty thousand and twen..
Five lakhs, we will close the deal!!
Hey… What is his final offer?
Okay, bring that here!
Who will end the corruption sir?!

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