Watch Nancy Pelosi Rip Up Copy Of President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Speech | NBC News

100 thoughts on “Watch Nancy Pelosi Rip Up Copy Of President Donald Trump’s State Of The Union Speech | NBC News

  1. Pelosi should be sacked for this disgraceful, hate filled act in front of the whole world. She's almost as bad as that idiotic, self important Bercow that we had as Speaker in the UK. So glad he's gone, and this awful woman Pelosi should be gone too, and let government actually govern instead of being dragged down all the time by odious little men and women like Bercow and Pelosi.

  2. I literally saw a felony on live tv… how does Nancy Pelosi think she is above the law…wtf… 18 U.S. Code § 2071.Concealment, removal, or mutilation generally

  3. I would have made it confetti and seasoned him with it. He is a hypocrite, a liar and a racist. All the wonderful things he stated are lies. Research… not be misled.

  4. Soo unprofessional….along with hundred of mico expressions of disgust for trump….could not control herself here. How typical of the crying Democrate

  5. That would be awesome if Trump laminated the next speech that he does! Oh that would be hilarious, to watch Pelosi face looks like a snare drum anyway.

  6. Next state of the union just hand her a copy of the constitution and see if she rips it up. The final test to prove she hates trump more than she loves America.

  7. Nancy Pelosi broke the law ,she shredded the national official documents of the US history. Nancy Pelosi has Trump derangement syndrome and could not handle the successful results of President Trump has been done for the American people and the country specially the strongest economy and the lowest unemployment in the history and the stock market is sky high. President Obama told the American people that there was no magic one to bring back the manufacturing jobs. President Trump promised the American people to bring back the manufacturing jobs and have better trade deal with China, Mexico, Canada, Japan and South to protect the Americans workers and farmers and American factories and electro property which will create millions of new jobs and strong economy and strong military. President Obama economy stock market not only low but crashed as well. President Obama had to bail out the Wall Street and the auto industry with the taxpayers money. President Obama never tried to stop China from stealing the American electro property and cheating on trade. Matter of fact president Obama higher taxes and more regulations drove hundreds of thousands companies and factories to move to the other countries and millions Americans workers lost their jobs and had to live on welfare and food stamps. Democrat socialists will bankrupt the country like Venezuela and the Soviet Union. Socialism is a failed system as the world have been witnessed for many decades. Communist China have no freedom and no human being right and no free speech and press. Millions Chinese Muslim and the people of Tibet have been detained in the Chinese communist concentration camp.

  8. Shows her mentally , and now asks for it to be removed to hide this shameful action.
    Actions have consequences, which she now has to face, and in her best interest, I would suggest to move back to
    the lower class basement she crawled out of.

  9. Glad to see video is still up. Because of her childish stupid head games. I'm voting for my fellow Republican POTUS Donald Trump.

  10. She is so predictable and boring. What has she done for all the people that put her there? She should ride her broomstick toward the horizon and keep going.

  11. Senator Mazie Hirono told CBS News. Senator Chris Van Hollen said Pelosi “did what a lot of us were feeling,” and that the president had “turned the House chamber into his campaign circus event.”

  12. Pelosi is in need of Mental health treatment. She shows why the Democratic Communist Party can never be in charge. They are the party of Hate and Racism! They are the do nothing party but Push Hate and push Racism to divide our country !

  13. Democrats defended and praised the speaker. Congressman Hakeem Jeffries said that “as far as I’m concerned the shredder wasn’t available, and so she did what she needed to do.” Congressman Jerry Nadler said he was “delighted” by Pelosi’s action, saying the president’s speech was full of “lie after lie.” “To have to sit there and listen to the president’s lies, it’s pretty hard to take. So she did what she did,”

  14. She is so classless and petty! Can't wait till she is gone; go away Hack to your SF mansion behind walls with your armed security. Bet they don't let homeless people defecate, throw syringes, garbage, etc. on your front steps!

  15. Low class… Can anyone imagine what would have happened if Ryan had ripped BO's speech–after he mentioned the lowest ever Black unemployment?

  16. The great leader Nancy Pelosi has now steered her party over the cliff, attributing to Trump's high approval ratings and GOP up 8 points. Thanks for the sham impeachment now the GOP has ranked in $100+ million off this Democrat debacle.

  17. What the Democrats are showing us is that they are above the laws, can make false judgments without proof, and can also break legal documents without being prosecuted.

  18. Comments made about Pelosi ripping that 'speach' but did you not watch how he disrespects her by not shaking her hand. He needs be a president and put aside his childish behavior and give due respect. Obviously u didn't. You also probably forgot about Trump buying off Stormy Daniels. He cheated on his wife. Lied about than got caught. And you trust him. !!!!!???ep u trumpsters don't like it when Pelosi rips his speech up that was full of bs data that he made up but when he assault a woman you're ok with that or just pretend it didn't happen. GUESS WHAT…TRUMP WILL ALWAYS BE THE 3RD PRESIDENT TO BE IMPEACHED. IN THE HISTORY BOOKS FOREVER. Keep drinking his koolaid. He's only helping himself and the extremely rich. He has a disease and needs help. Unfortunately one of his problems is racism and not even the lord can help him. What will happen when he crosses the Russians? It will happen. What's he hiding. Really think hard about that.

  19. I am a libertarian that hated the Bush, McCain and Romney crowd. But I see now that Democrat mob have gone full on Marxist communist. I'll take Trump. Thanks

  20. Trump the criminal offender thinks Pelosi "broke the law" by tearing a copy of his State of the Union speech. That's "crazy" — and more than a little ironic given his own illegal habits.

  21. Not only did pelosi rip up the Presidents State of he Union speech she ripped up the original that should of been entered with the rest of the past Presidents historical speeches!!! She showed her ignorance and what anger can do to a person!!! GET HER OUT OF THE HOUSE!!!!

  22. If it was Trump Tearing up Den I am Sure Those Left Dumbrcrats Will Cry Out For war etc…

    President Trump 2020


  23. Pelosi did the right thing. It is time we realize what is going on here. He has gone deeper into insanity since this happened. We must face facts.

  24. I honestly think Pelosi has the hots for him….a crush that she can’t ever satisfy cause Trump’s a billionaire who can get a hot wife who’s half his age 😂

  25. The majority of our politicians, both the republicans and dems did the same thing to the Constitution when they voted to invade Iraq.

  26. How dare you? You don’t know me. You don’t know anything about me. You don’t know where I’ve been, how I long I’ve been there, what I had to do to get from where I was, to where I am now!

  27. This woman shows she has no respect for the President.
    Disagreeing is okay. But showing disrespect is showing you are weak. Out of control. Trump was right.

  28. Nancy is so needy, she wants the attention of Daddy (Trump) so bad she acts like an angry little girl lol she is too old and too weak

  29. This video of Nancy tearing up the State of The Union Address by President Trump should never be removed, no matter how much she demands it. This was deliberate public act and she wanted to do it publicly. So now She demands removal of the video. If YouTube caves we, the Americans supporting the President will not forget.

  30. NANCY… this will FOREVER be your legacy FOREVER and can't be erased….. You're disgraceful… There is no GOD in you.

  31. Okay, I know that a lot of people don’t agree with trump,
    Or don’t support him, but ripping his speech kind of
    Is like “Actions speak louder than words” lol what are the odds that
    she ripped up the speech though.

    But, it is rude in a way to do that, he is the PRESIDENT, and
    I’m sure he already goes through a lot that we don’t know of.
    That was out of hand girl..

  32. One outrage after another Nancy's outrage to stop trump supporters… I Don't think it will work tho

  33. Where is Nancy? Ashamed ? I doubt it. I think she is hiding out with Hunter. Poor Hunter had to wake up to that thing with no makeup or injections. At least he didn't have to wake up on one of her terd infested streets.

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