100 thoughts on “What does the US military actually know about UFOs?

  1. Saw my first in 1980 with my parents and step sister. But this past January I had my neighbors daughter teaching her how to drive and we were in the Tic Bite community of Lenoir county North Carolina around 7:15 PM. We were stopped at a street sign and turning right and I looked up and to my right I saw 3 green lights and didn't think twice about it and figured some company had put up another cell phone towere and she turned right and about 50 yards down the road I noticed it had lowered a little and now I'm bg thinking it's the instruments from the dash reflecting off my window ..well it wasn't It was A LARGE TRIANGLE with 3 green lights at each point ..think of an ice cream cone turned upside down and that's the way it was flying sideways . I bg guess it was following the route of large power lines but it went from the power lines to directly over our car and I got out and was amazed . If I were 20 years younger I could've thrown a baseball and hit it with 2 throws I'm guessing between 300- 450 feet above me and had a low hum and was only going no more than 40 mph . I had posted a message on Facebook asking if anyone had seen anything weird around the Grifton area but nobody ever replied back on it . But this was the first one I actually reported to MUFON because I did have a witness and wouldn't have reported it if I was by myself . But I've researched any green lights reporting UFO'S and haven't found one yet. But I had actually had seen one over the city of Kinston NC on October 31 2018 and it was changing shifting shapes from a silver square to a silver round object . But by the time I pulled over it was gone.. I BELIEVE

  2. my question is is why did Elon musk launch a car into space with our most advanced AI technology where's the car going with that robot

  3. It's funny how the Deep State has to talk about themselves as if they don't know who themselves are, or there agenda.

  4. Statistically speaking, half the trolls on this video get our taxes for their paycheck, and the other half are beta males that have been lulled into believing whatever the media/ governments pitbulls regurgitate to them. Extraterrestrials are not only real in reality, there are different species of them and not only that, but some of them are not even extraterrestrials by definition, because they have called Earth their home probably before humans reigned. Its time to look at all the real life evidence, put on your big boy pants, and quit denying all the facts that are out there for everyone to look up for themselves. The age of information is here, now. Welcome to the new World!

  5. The Military industrial complex has to call UFO’s Aerial “Threat”. First they said that they don’t investigate UFO’s because they are not a threat but now they are?

  6. Worried? It's been going on since before the Bible. But there will be some interesting events in the near future undeniable events. There are 57 known alien races and the US government has been in contact with some of them for at least 40 years. Some of the things we see belong to Black budget projects some of the things we see belong to them

  7. Roswell was a real event. We have been dealing with eben's since then. Apparently project serpo was interesting. Look at all the events in 1947 and after and you will see for yourself. Sirius Disclosure has many interviews with people that have first-hand experience with the event. Right down to the local coroner who was contacted and provided child-sized coffins to the base. Why would the base needs child-sized coffins in 1947? Philip Corso and Jesse Marcel both have come on camera and admitted the truth about Roswell

  8. Good reports Tucker Carlson, but the truth is E.T.s exist, and the are here, controlling all Governments all over the world , been going on for years, now settle down, not a big deal. But good report, just a little incomplete.

  9. If they wanted to invade they would invade. Does anyone really think old world lead and fire will stop an advanced civilization?

  10. Don't be fooled some people know exactly what they are the investigations are just the cover up. Project Blue Book was a cover-up. Nowadays we don't know if it's them or us and I'm not talking about other countries I'm talking about other civilizations. U.s. military has some anti-gravity crafts. Been making them for years. At the same time we have visitors from other places outside the Earth on a constant basis throughout time. Extra special attention to this planet started with Trinity. They're a pretty interested in our nuclear capabilities and probably prevented a few of them from going off by now. Look up references to chariots in the Bible. Compare them to UFO sightings

  11. The mainstream media is the last one to know about our sisters and brothers who run our (hollow) Earth, and the governments try to prevent that fro, the bublic. -> SphereBeingAlliance from Youtube 👍

  12. Well hello earth people you didn't think we on earth occupied this whole universe by ourselves. To travel through space your ship has to be extremely fast space has no beginning are ending. 10-4.

  13. This is what your president's will never tell you, is that the Majestic twelve is thirty levels of top secret information and programs are above all presidents, ie. (cosmic, majestic clearance), no presidents have the right or authority to know what they are doing. The secret shadow government is a rogue government within the United States government and has it's own military and has already infiltrated all levels of U.S. government and military conglomerates and have taken over America by the elitist ruling class and the banksters and the biggest corporations rule America which is also the secret space program, this is the real star wars and so called space travel is actually interdimensional travel.
    Top secret programs are being revealed and released by insiders as disclosure is imminent.
    MILABS is already conquering interdimensional travel as space dosen't exist above you are living waters so all travel is actually interdimensional.
    The elitist ruling class and Rothschilds own the secret shadow government and secret space program and the largest corporations have corporations who are dealing with other alien extraterrestrial beings.
    Here is a list of some of the secret space program corporations of MILABS ;
    Dark Fleet
    Planetary Corporation
    Monarch Solutions
    Massive Dynamic
    Shoreline Group
    Corporations who specialize in parallel universes that affect earth and the human race are ;
    Scorpion Corporation
    Umbrella Corporation
    Labyrinth Group
    Solar Warden
    these secret space program corporations have put humans on a hundred other planets and have never told you until now as disclosure is nearing 🧐

  14. I’m sure ! Our government knows what’s going on. Only that everything is compartmentalized so not everyone in the government knows

  15. What is this a takeover the social platform and to control what we see on ufo media. I see the so called conspiracy theorist weren't conspiring after all.

  16. We found 10 ships burried in the ground re-engineered them n thats how we have this uplift in technology the past 30 years

  17. If Aliens were in fact Real there would be no word from the news media. Ufos on the other hand are Real and Exsist it's just not your little green men whizzing around. That's my take anyway

  18. UFO are time travelers. Possibly us from the future and we made Grey's to send on time traveling missions. This would explain why UFO are seen around historical events in the past, and show up in popular old paintings. They (us) would be the ones to know what dates to come back in the past for special memorable events and we would want to observe these things and possibly help in ways that doesn't involve us being in contact fully because it would seriously disrupt us. This theory explains why it's a national security and keeping this secret is a must. Some have problably spoken to us in the future but as long as it's not world knowledge, it won't have devastating consequences. But I'm sure this will never come out until we start time traveling into the past.

  19. Soviet declassified information from WW2 explains UFOs are from the German Nationalist base in Antarctica ''New Swabia''. Wernher von Braun
    was only 1 of the captured German scientists who worked on V-2 and later developed ICBM. 100s of scientists were never found after WW2 and some were caught in Argentina where they couldn't make trip to New Swabia. These saucers almost wiped out the entire US Operation High Jump fleet in 1947. This may sound hard to believe but this type of technology is not a natural progression so it could take 200 years for anyone else to discover it.


  21. Any official what ever the rank it be if knows real facts about UFOs and keeps it secret then such people are real disgrace to humanity. Every credible info about visitors out of this planet to this planet must be public.

  22. IF the aliens exist then our government is fully aware and is hiding it. If it's all true, I don't blame the government at all.

  23. Aircraft built with anti-matter. It doesn't interact with matter that way and could never be held back by the wind, allowing it to travel extremely fast.

  24. Why is it scary? We can't control every aspect of the world let alone the entire universe's intelligent population.

  25. Why always Amarica??? Don't here anything from Tonga Fiji New Zealand Samoa Australia that much but Question right there maybe they do this for just fame??? And views

  26. Not Aliens. Trump is about to disclose the Space Force that has been in development for decades.
    The ONLY reason we might get this nugget of information is so that when the Global Economy crashes into Oblivion, they'll try to give us something to hope on instead of hanging the entire Ruling Class, and then burning their dead bodies publicly after all the enslavement for the past 100 years.

  27. If these crafts are originated on earth dont you think we'd be able to see where they take off from via satellite or google earth or even word of mouth? Theyd be traceable and couldnt stay as mysterious as they are.

  28. All those poor people that have been incarcerated for saying they seen UFOs and aliens. Will be compensated big time.

  29. A lot of people won,t believe in god if the government reviles aliens exist. And why the Government would care makes no sense because the majority of Congress are non-believers and evil-doers.

  30. I saw a ufo spying on us while we were bbq me and my buddies I saw it and told the guys as soon as I did it took off str8 up at tremendous speed until it went to space…It is the most amazing thing that we all saw

  31. UFO'S are time machines..using most likely plasma or similar energy to build massive energy contained to amplify energy around it eventually dematerializing the vehicle from one point to another in its time and space and vehicle traveling speeds are what we see when its not fully engaged

  32. Why are we even considering spending money on these things possibly being another country’s new weapon?!?! These things have been reported for thousands of years. They literally carved these same type events into stone for us to see! How can anyone be surprised? C’mon, this isn’t a threat, if it were we would have been destroyed in ancient times. Why not take what you’ll spend on a senseless ufo defense budget and work on something of importance… They have to be playing dumb… either that or we elect stupid people

  33. I can tell you what it they are not from this you're from another so the real these are these are real aliens and they run the world so they're real

  34. The universe is full of intelligent life. Several races are now in the world interfering in human affairs in a dangerous way. To learn more, read the Allies of Humanity Briefings.

  35. No aliens just advanced technology that could change the world and take big oil out of power. It's as easy as that. It's about keeping people from being able to sustain their own energy and keeping you on your knees. 😉

  36. Roswell was just a saucer dropped from a Russian jet and the so called alien's was just modified humans so America would think the was alien's.

  37. When will we disclose the electromagnetic and/or pulse energy vehicles that we have already developed 20-30 yrs ago?

  38. hahaha not again maan no u have to be alarmed cause the Grey's been took over the government's world wide.the Caucasians have been set up with technology along was music t.v. steam engine etc there's too much to list but the hybrid program been going on for thousands of years with the zetas grays the Venusian and the Pliadians reptilian's etc genetics r n the Caucasians genetics more so than any even the Asians as well why they have a extra welt uum yeah doesn't matter now it's all coming out if notice only the Asians and the Caucasians got the modern idea's and technology the Russia's r a sub race of the Caucasians so no surprise to me.Truman lied etc many other's.your not the true rulers of earth.however the extraterrestrial forces r letting us journey and explore r planet's long as you don't war n space.truth is we r dealing with newbie people n charge now they don't know what took place the deal's and the exchanges so yeah now they r laying out for you humans cause they can't stop them anyway.the so called hypersonic speed is nothing to the real deal haha.yes the Caucasians secret military etc have up and going saucer shape craft's.welt shhh it's late I'm done

  39. This phenomena has been around for a very very long time. These are not chinese or Russian based or it would mean they have been sitting on this technology for at least 80 years. It's not from our world, you can tell that this senator knows more than what hes saying by his stuttering responses and body language.

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