What the BBC & CNN don’t show you | It’s SNOWING in INDIA

It’s insane to think that this is India. This is India! I don’t think I’m ever gonna get over the fact that snow is literally
falling from the sky in India That’s where we’re going today! Good morning everybody, welcome back to another day! How’s it going? Sorry I’m so much sorter than you. The plan for today is – find the snow! It’s about 7:00 a.m. now we’re not 100% sure how are we
gonna get to the snow. We have heard there’s a local bus at 8 a.m. That’s the challenge of today, that’s what we’re doing guys! Today we’re going to the snow! How nice are the views from our hotel. There is nobody on the road this morning. This is crazy, I think this is the first
time we have walked down this road or any road in India and theres been no people! Except for that one car but… [laughs] So this road we’re walking down the
Manali Lake Highway is super prone to landslides. And last year in June there
was some flooding and some pretty epic landslides in this area. And the whole
highway was closed and thousands of people were trapped for a number of days. I just want to show you the size of some of the boulders like look look at the tuk-tuk drive past look at the size of the boulder. This is the rock it’s
literally the size of me! I think it was caused by, from what I read it was caused
by a combination of two things. So there were lots and lots of floods. So the
ground was really wet.. but the primary cause of all of the landslides
in the entire area is the poor construction of the highways. The
highways have literally just been cut out of the hill and the almost no
retaining structures have been put in place and so as soon as it got wet,
you know, as soon as the ground softened up the whole place is just totally
collapsed. Yeah like this is an example of the damage. Like you would hate to be
this guy god I hope no one was in it look at that
all the way out past the yellow building all landslide effected oh my goodness
have a look it’s just horrible it’s not the safest way to get into
talent there so just arrived here in new Manali we walked into new Manali and the
plan was to book a bus to get – salang Valley which is where the snow is but at
the moment nothing is looking very open hopefully the bus stop or the bus
station is open but there’s no one here and that thing is open so you see how
this go place is so eerie I know it’s weird when
there’s like no one in a place you’ve been before that’s really busy usually
it just feels like I know spooky well you come on in we stopped at breakfast because
obviously we need breakfast but it’s 751 now and I’m starting to get a little bit
nervous this bus is at 8 a.m. and we don’t know which bus it is and there’s
like 15 buses here at this bus stop without breakfast is going bad yeah
breakfast is gonna be great we’re getting parantha which is like a type of
it’s like a it’s like a doughy kind of bread and it’s usually stuffed with
vegetables we’ve got cauliflower today we sort of fry it on a hot plate and
they cover in it in what’s called ghee which is like a really thick fatty
butter so you know it’s gonna be good you know it’s good when it’s a flame
like that a little okay we got parents hi sorry I’m looking for the bus to solo
in Valley over here somewhere
Blue Bus blue bus over here all right fingers trust yes this one is out then he’s got people on
it it’s got people on it how do you know
where it’s going hey this guy thank you do you know that it’s
quite a comfy looking back all right yeah yeah just it yeah I’m really
looking plug probably doesn’t work they see on the bus well we’re on a bus we
don’t know if this is the right bus but it’s a blue bus the lady in the window
one of the other passengers said it was so long Valley so we’re on this bus literally like steaming there’s good is this spicy way out we
asked the spices so it’s like spiced I wouldn’t say it’s spicy it’s very
different to the type of back this way I used to eating but it’s good and so the bust is just about to start
moving and then it’s just blue glass table honey the bus is just about to
start moving and then someone on the bus is like the bus is no longer going to so
long so we’re off the bus and now we’re just met some locals who have offered to
share taxi so fingers crossed we can get one producer price and we’ll see what
happens okay so we’re just jumping in a cab with some people this is cozy a ski suit I think so
apparently we have to get a ski suit and all these suits are like 1980s brightly
colored totally ugly ski suits an ugly one we probably don’t need a ski suit
but how often do you get to wear one of these eighties retro ski suits in the
snow in Manali absolutely inside is a blanket this feels like it’s for a child you take you take jeans take oh no I fit
do you need in here I can even really dramatic music that’s a good one but
what do you think yes thoughts yeah good it’s good it’s bright you I didn’t who’s
me he struggled a bit as our vehicle for the day Oh set to goat venturing in this me look
like a spaceman is the native snow dog of the so long
Valley so guys we’ve made it some snow we are in this so long Valley I’m so
stoked to be here I’m into the snow in years well we don’t have it really in
Australia a weed India or Canada right now do you
say though who knew the India was gonna look like this a lot of snow everybody
has worked on this snow yet I sunk I’m gonna have cold wet feet Oh
No what’s the thing with your toes freeze
frostbite I’m gonna get frostbite if you get frostbite so we’re gonna go shoot
tobogganing start to beginning we’re gonna go down that the snow down like a
slide down a snow slide in a big tube I don’t know I’m not like I’m from
Australia what are you cool this is this tobogganing I have no idea oh thank
goodness are gonna stairs is a really steep hill now we are gonna try this
with the camera so kids don’t try this at home I’ll do my best not to break it
down the right which is very handy hard way this is that chip it’s so much
steeper than I thought it was gonna be I’m a little scared okay
oh all right you ready yeah hold on to each other all right don’t touch the
snow don’t touch the snow okay okay I wasn’t
really good at filming but it was fun so as soon as you went over the hill sadly
freaked out of it and brought the camera into like you know like a test and so so
we got none of that you’re off to do it again oh my god how we died nearly killed
someone so the bottom isn’t Rann it’s just this group of people unscathed so
there was no safety check or anything where you flew down the mountain
we’re like nearly falling out god it was so much fun
there’s just no organization to this ski field like there’s paragliding
there’s people skiing there’s like the tubing happening there’s or being
there’s so many different activities and it just feels like there is no order to
any of it it’s honestly it’s an accident waiting to happen right yes it’s actually snowing I don’t
want to freak out right now it’s actually actually snowing actually
actual snow oh my god it’s actually snowing it’s actually snowing I’m
touching the snow snow come from babe I’ve never seen the snow snow before
okay wow what a perfect like kind of end to this trip to the snow fight actually
snowing catch a falling really taken I’ve never really seen them they’re all
different isn’t that like snowflakes things like no two snowflakes are alike
yeah well they’re just like bits of ice aren’t they imagine this is what Canada
is like in the winter totally yeah it’s insane to think that this is India I
know this is India I know like look at the amount of school this feel how soft
this is is it soft this is like snow angel stuff oh if this actually is like
a magical winter wonderland this is not what I expected India to be like at all
y-you are like yeah like in my bed in my face my hair my scarf look at that
this is no in my beard

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  10. Disagree with you regarding the damage to the highways due to poor construction. With climate change ,extremely heavy rainfall and deforestation, the mountains are prone to landslides.
    Also bear in mind the himalayas is the youngest mountain range, in geological terms , and is on the move northwards as the indian plate moves. Consequently a number of hills have reached their angle of repose and hence at some time will collapse. To make matters worse the mountains are composed of shale .

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  16. These guys are from Australia so are freaking over snow. I'm from California where everyone thinks is "surf and sun" LIKE OZ BUT the reality is that California is SERIOUS snow country outside of the beaches as is proved by our vacation home in Northern California that sees snow 8 months of the year.

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