Why Does Australia Support the United States of America? – Behind the News

NIC: What things do you look for
in a friend?
Well, I look for someone
who is hygienic.
Someone who can, like,
make you laugh.
I go for friends that, like,
dance a lot
because I’m a dancer
and I can relate to that.
I’m not a normal person.
I’m scared of normal people.
So, like, if I’m weird, I look for
other people that are weird.
I think it’s important
that a good friend makes time
for the other friend.
I like to make up crazy dance moves
with my friends
and they won’t judge me
if I’m doing something weird
or if they don’t like
what I’m doing.
They’ll just say, “Good on ya,”
for doing…being a weird person.
Choosing a friend
can be tricky business,
but as a country,
it can be even harder.
It’s all about finding someone
with similar interests.
Anyway, do you want
to play some footy?
Someone that’s willing to be fair
with a bit of give and take.
Hey, can I borrow your sunscreen?
Yeah, sure.
You can have the hat if you want.
Oh, cool!
And someone who can help out
when you’re in a fix.
Guys, just stop!
Australia’s got plenty of friends
around the world,
but one of its best mates
is the United States.
That’s because the United States is
one of Australia’s official allies,
which means
when one gets into trouble,
the other will always step in
to back them up.
Australia’s alliance with the US
officially started
all the way back in World War II.
Japan had recently launched a big
attack on the US in Pearl Harbor
and was starting to move their troops
through parts of South-East Asia.
Both Australia and the US
were worried
about Japan taking over the Pacific,
so the two nations
formed an alliance
and the US sent forces to Australia
to help defend it.
To this day,
that alliance is still going strong
and since then an American military
base has been set up in Australia.
Both nations’ troops regularly train
side by side
and Australia has joined the US
in some major wars
fought around the world.
The alliance isn’t just about
fighting, though.
America is also a really important
business partner of Australia.
They invest a lot of money
into the Australian economy
and both nations’ leaders
meet regularly
to discuss issues
like trade, the environment
and national security.
Some say our nation’s
close relationship with the US
has helped keep Australia safe
and allowed us to play a bigger role
in world politics.
However, just like
some real-life friendships,
not everyone is convinced
our close relationship with the US
is always a good thing.
Come on, we have to go.
Some argue that it means we end up
fighting in wars
that we shouldn’t have.
Come on!
Others worry that being really close
to one country
can affect our relationship
with other countries
that might not always
see eye to eye with them.
And others still say being close
with America is fine
but we should make more of an effort
to become good friends
with other countries too.
But, for now, the friendship
between Australia and the US
is still going strong,
meaning we’re likely to continue
to hear a lot about this huge country
and their new president,
as both nations work together
as friends and allies
in the years to come.

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