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Welcome back to the Philip DeFranco Show.
And let’s just jump into it.
And the first thing I want to talk about today, one of the most requested stories, also one of the creepiest stories.
A lot of people are freaking out about a video that was posted originally on YouTube back in 2009.
And now even the police are getting involved.
The video in question is called,”Hi Walter! I got a new gf today!
You may have seen the video by itself, you might have seen it in a creepy compilation, you may have even seen the debunking video.
And I really should say “debunking” because in that video where he points out things that prove it’s fake, it’s really just speculation.
And I’m saying that as someone who thinks that this video is most likely fake and I want it to be fake.
I’ll be able to show you part of the video, but then I have to jump to just censored stills just in case this video is real.
So here’s the video everyone is freaking out about.
“Hi Walter, I was at the mall today, and guess what happened!”
“I met the most wonderful girl!”
*heavy breathing*
“We went shopping at JC Penny’s and she tried on a lot of clothes”
“And she ended up buying a whole lot of them, you know what I mean?”
“And then-“
“We decided to go and take a look at some of the jewelry at Kay Jewelers and…”
“She picked out this most AWESOME necklace that I’ve – the most amazing necklace I’ve ever seen!”
“I know she wanted me to buy it for her cause she kept on looking at me and…”
“Kept on giving me that look, you know the look.”
“And then we got kinda tired of the mall and…”
“I brought her back to my place, and I know…”
“I know she hates cameras, Walter…”
“But I’m gonna show you her anyways. You ready?”
The video then cuts to reveal Patrick opening the door and you see a woman that is bound in a bathroom.
She starts pleading for help, he walks into the door and shuts it behind him.
So seeing this the reason I initially go, okay that has to be fake.
One. I want it to be fake.
And two. A lot of what he is saying sounds scripted.
Three. Why does the girl not make any noise until he opens the door.
And then the other part of my brain goes, okay, well let’s say this is real?
Maybe he’s talking like that because he’s a socially awkward person.
And like, he’s trying to be upbeat.
Maybe she doesn’t make any noise until the door opens because in the past, maybe when she made noise when the door was closed he would go in.
Okay so with all of that said this video has popped up here and there over the past two years.
But in the past day it spread like wildfire.
People started drawing a connection between this video and the disappearance of a 15 year old girl in Wisconsin by the name of Kayla Berg.
She was reported missing two months before this video was uploaded to YouTube.
Based off of what we can see in the video there are matches between the woman in this video and Kayla.
Kayla was 5’2, 108 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes.
She was last seen in a red top and blue jeans.
People have also pointed out that Kay Jewelers and JC Penny, which he mentions in the video were in a local mall.
But to that point those stores are in so many malls
Then a theory started that the women in the video was an actress by the name of Sarah Bull.
She started getting harassed so much that she had to make a video saying I’m not that girl in the video.
And it’s not just people on the internet getting involved reportedly the police are now looking into it.
And Kayla’s mother Hope said,” It sounded like her, it looked like her, it have me chills. Disturbing. It made me sick to my stomach.”
Adding,”I thought it looked a lot like her, I pray to God it’s not.”
And that’s where that story ends for now.
Once again, I hope that this is a hoax.
If this is fake, and you’re the man in the video, please contact the police there so that this family doesn’t have to relive this horror.
If you know the guy or girl in the video please contact the police.
We’ll see, I’d love to know your thoughts on this.
Then let’s talk about Halloween which is just around the corner.
There’s gonna be a ton of Hillary Clinton/Donald Drumpf masks going around.
Most likely we’re going to see our fair share of sexy gorilla costumes.
R.I.P. Harambe
Also inevitably one B list actor/actress or a fraternity is going to dress in black face.
But the newest topical costume I have seen released; and oh my god
The Kim Kardashian getting robbed costume.
Or as they have named it so they do not get sued
the “Parasian Heist Robbery Victim Costume”
It features a white short sexy robe, a long black wig, a 4 million dollar ring, large sunglasses a fake gag and two feet of rope.
Ya know, in case you want to prove to your friend how not PC you are.
Here’s the thing, the reason I’m annoyed by stuff like this is the fact that it puts me in the position where I have to defend Kim Kardashian.
I’m not pumped to do that but you’re literally profiting, you’re making money.
A costume that normalizes, most likely, this woman’s most terrifying moment of her life.
Where she was robbed, gagged, tied up and held at gunpoint by five men.
So I hate you for that, but also kind of respect you from a marketing aspect.
There’s money to be made from outrage, they call it scandal marketing.
Instead of having to put up ads, blogs and people like myself talk about the product, and talk about the people that are angry about it.
And everyone that then thinks that that is a hilarious costume will then buy it even though you could make this costume for like 20 dollars.
Like if you’re gonna be a dick, at least be a dick that is money conscious.
And while there will be temporary outrage, people will forget about this in a week and then next year they’ll still use the service if they like it.
So I guess the main point is uh, great job, but also go fuck yourself.
And from there I wanna share some stuff I love today in “Today in Awesome”.
And the first bit of awesome is from one of my favorite old school creators on YouTube, “schmoyoho”.
Who along with Joseph Gordon-Levitt “songified” the last debate.
Then those Beautiful Bastards over at Corridor Digital put out a fantastic video with Steven Ogg.
Or as many know him, “Trevor” from GTA Five. It’s so great.
Then to those of you that cannot get enough of Mr. Ken Bone, who… ahh god.
I love the Internet’s ability to just make random people famous for no reason. But Ken’s actually pretty cool.
He was on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and it was pretty great.
And then I gotta pimp out the latest iteration of one of my favorite series here on YouTube, “Hot Ones”.
And the video that went up today was one with Kevin Hart getting his face burnt off.
And remember if you wanna see the full versions of everything I shared, the secret link of the day, anything at all, links as always are in the description down below.
And then I wanna talk about a brand new social network called “Rich Kids”.
Rich Kids calls itself “The worlds most exclusive social network.”
And the reason for that is while anyone can sign up to “Rich Kids” if they have a Facebook account.
The only people who can share things on the social network are people who pay a one thousand dollar a month membership fee.
Even the signup page is ridiculous.
“If it is too much for you, it is not for you”
Here’s there mission statement. (Paragraph on screen)
But wait guys, it’s not all ridiculous empty bullshit. The CEO of “Rich Kids”, said that a third of the membership fee goes to poor kids.
Specifically quote “Education of poor kids”
OH! So if I sign up to this I’m actually, I’m, I’m essentially donating to a charity.
So not only am I rich, I’m like a good person.
It’s definitely not a marketing ploy to make it seem less disgusting, that would be ridiculous.
But here’s the thing, I can’t completely hate it.
If someone is rich enough, shallow enough, and makes horrible decisions with their money, I think that they should be separated from it.
If you can make money from rich narcissists, do it!
But also think long term with their business model it doesn’t make any sense.
Why are people gonna subscribe and then stay subscribed to a rich kids social app when they can just see the same shit on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat stories.
The whole point of most social media is to share things with as many people as possible in a free way.
And if you’re going to share something in an exclusive fashion then you monetize it in some way.
But at the same time it could also be a huge win for the guy who runs this, because if you get what like, 10 to 100 rich idiots to pay for this and then some of them just forget that they have this subscriptions.
You’re just cashing checks until they remember they have a subscription for a one thousand dollar a month social network or they cancel a credit card.
So there was that.
And then finally let’s talk about the “Dakota Access Pipeline”.
Now you might remember that we talked about this a while ago.
For those who don’t know the “Dakota Access Pipleline” is a 3.7 billion dollar pipeline that spans over 1172 miles, crosses 4 states
And is intended to transport 470,000 to 570,00 barrels of crude oil a day.
And the last time we talked about this, Native American tribes have been trying to block the pipeline.
Both through protest and going to the courts, we were waiting for the decision.
Well in the night before Columbus Day, or as some people call it, indigenous people day, because, ya know, Columbus was kinda sorta almost completely a horrible person.
Well in the night before a federal appeals court denied the tribes request to block this pipeline.
And what was interesting in this is that even the judges involved seemed to kind of hate their decision.
Stating that although they are giving the greenlight to the construction of the pipeline, ours is not the final word.
So now reportedly the tribe is looking at their other legal options, and until then the protest have continued.
And those protests are actually one of only reasons that the Dakota Access Pipeline is getting talked about today.
The courts decision to not block the Dakota Access Pipeline was completly overlooked by many including myself because of the debate.
Everyone was talking about the “Grab them by the pussy” video, or the debate and the zingers.
But thanks to actress Shailene Woodley, we’re talking about it today.
She has been outspoken about the Dakota Access Pipeline in the past.
She joined the protesters, she live-streamed her experience there the entire time and then she was arrested.
And that was also caught on video and the whole encounter is weird.
You see the police explaining that the reason they are arresting her and not the other protesters is that she was pointed out.
Woodley: “Why am I being arrested and no one else is who was down there…is my question. Is it because I’m famous?
Officer: “Because right now I’m being told trespassed on the property, so you’re being placed under arrest.” [overlapping] Woodley: “Is it because people know who I am?”
Woodley: “Ya but so did hundreds of people, we were all down there, when you asked us to leave we did.”
Officer: “You were identified, so…”
Woodley: “So everybody knows we are going to our vehicle, which they had all surrounded.”
“And waiting for me, with giant guns and a giant truck behind them, just so they could arrest me, so they knew this would happen. I hope you’re watching mainstream media.”
At the end of the day she was one of 27 people arrested for engaging in a riot.
As well as a charge of criminal trespass.
And I actually want to tip my non-existent hat to Shailene Woodley, who did something real with her celebrity.
She didn’t just say something on Facebook, or re-tweet something, she went there.
And if the hope of whoever pointed her out, or whoever tried to get her arrested was to shut her down, oohhoo no!
And now everyone’s talking about it again, and people should be talking about it!
The fact that the plans of the pipeline were changed initially because there was a fear that at some point the water in a city may be contaminated.
So they change it over health concerns but that they’re unwilling to do it to the people that are part of this tribe.
In my opinion that’s fucking ridiculous and it very much comes from a stance of those people don’t count as much.
There’s not enough of them for them to actually put up a fight.
But that’s my opinion on the matter, of course this is the Philip DeFranco Show, whether it be around this show or anything else, I’d love to know your opinion today.
And that’s actually where I’m gonna end today’s show.
And remember if you liked this video, you like what I do on this channel, hit that like button.
If you’re new here, hit that subscribe button!
But that said of course as always my name is Philip DeFranco, you’ve just been Phil’d in, I love yo faces and I’ll see you tomorrow.


  1. This hole ken bone video seems scripted, jimmy kimble is well known to do this kind of stuff. Well not Kimble himself, but the producers,…
    could even imagine that this was payed by the clintons.

  2. Hi Phil,

    I dont comment much but I always watch your show, ever since. This is about Philippines and our president. There is a lot of talk about extra judicial killings and a lot of violence and now the smoking ban. I would implore you to research more about this subject. I want you to realize that most people in the Philippines LOVE Duterte but why? There must be something that makes him special. Please please please research all his accomplishments already, not just main stream media's reports. I want you to see what the people of the Philippines see.

  3. I hope that video is fake just cause that guy weirdly sort of looks like me. I know they everyone got a twin but damn thankfully he does't sound like me or even have my speech issues. In all honestly hopping to bring closure if it is the guy who kidnapped the girl.

  4. I prey its not her either… But my thought; No offense to anyone BUT usually weird guys like this guy dont hang around girls like that… Especially dont do stuff like that. I can imagine even a good friend of him being creeped out ifhe asked to help make a skit like that. And who only makes one skit? And that skit is this? Im not usually judgmental person but the alternative to it just being a skit is too awful..

  5. i feel so sorry for you americans, armored vehicles……………! no violence on a PUBLIC road….. AND THEN YOUR ARRESTED? what is going ON!

  6. I'm from South Dakota. And the whole situation is crazy. People getting arrested for nothing essentially. But there's a lot of hate and prejudice here against Native Americans. So I am not suprised, upset, but not suprised. And definitely supporting not running a pipeline for a multitude of reasons, including that Native Americans are supposed to be considered sovereign, and we should try to respect the tribes. Plus, we have example after example of forced treaties where whites placed Natives on land that isolated them from their food and water, so of course these lands are outside of reservations, but because we were douchebags in the past, we gave land but all the sacred areas are off reservations. The redirection of the pipeline to damage the water and lands near by is likely strategic, and I absolutely think it is biased on 1. less people 2. due to race. I get frustrated and exhausted by the entire treatment of Native Americans as a whole, especially in the midwest.

  7. The pipeline is almost completed. I really wish this story had more attention early on. I hope the nation understands the amount of food and other necessary staples grown in these states and the drastic effects a single malfunction could have.

  8. There needs to be more talk about the pipeline. They put one through my family's farm (South Dakota, so this would be a second one) and it was on the section that had a well. We can't use it anymore. Can't farm it anymore, but we had to take the deal. Everyone did.

  9. Why on earth did it take 7 years for people to pay attention to the video?? I want it to be fake, but if its real i am afraid of the woman well being.

  10. It amazes me that no one amongst the cops stopped to think "hey, if this girl is recognized by people, AND there's some one filming her….. maybe we should wait not arrest her for no reason"

  11. Just throwing this out there because I can't remember where I saw it. But there was this video on YouTube about a facial recognition app that could link a person's facial image with their facebook and other social media and other places they may have posted their pic. Has anyone heard of this or know if maybe it could be used to figure out what's going on with this video? I'm kickin myself because I can't remember what the video was that I saw or who made this app but they demonstrated it's effectiveness by taking photos of people they saw on the street. They were able to get all kinds of info from that. I think it would be help in this case. Anyone know what I'm referring to?

  12. I like that you recognise both the good and the bad in a story. You give us the opportunity to choose our stand point rather than treating us like babies. Its sad stories like the Dakota pipeline arent getting more airplay. Feels like the big are bullying the small. having said that, is there the chance that Shaliene was involved in her own arrest to increase impact? Just asking

  13. That guy who did that video "Hi Walter" looks kind of deranged. What he should have done is labeled his video as fiction. Kind of like when Orsen Welles did his radio story of War of The Worlds. Some people caught it part way in, thought it was real, and off themselves. People need to be informed.

  14. I remember there being an update video on the investigation, but I can't find it on Phil's channel. Could someone link me?

  15. Sometimes the courts are simply victim to their own past precedent, and it can be hard to break with similar rulings in other court cases, depending on how the case was argued and on what grounds. It sounds like they want the issue at hand to be presented with different logic or on different grounds so another court would have a chance to reverse the ruling.

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  18. Hi Philip, maybe you should add to your description that the video was confirmed by the police to be fake and pretty much just a bad joke: https://m.facebook.com/AntigoPoliceDepartment/posts/1147280522008311

  19. I love all pipelines, they should be prioritized over everything because fossil fuels rule and sustainable energy sources drool! …now where is my check Exxon?

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    so honestly i dont give a shit about that rich cow, even less about her racist weirdo boyfriend…

  21. Antigo is pronounced AN-ti-go (short i sound). I live in central Wisconsin and I've never heard about this before. Very strange and creepy

  22. I think the "Hey Walter" video was just a very dark attempt at humor. In an article I read, the cops spoke to the maker of the video and it was completely fake. I understand her froends and family can easily see this video and feel like it's her. If she disappeared in 2009, it's been 7 years since she went missing. I can understand their hope skewing their memory and believing it's her voice. It's a sad reality, but she's lore than likely dead. She was last seen being dropped off at her boyfriend's house. Why did she not see the boyfriend? Or was he perhaps involved in her disappearance? Or the friend that dropped her off? That small bit in the timeline is where all of their answers are. Sadly, 7 years after it took place, I'm sure the cops did everything they could to find answers to those questions and came up empty. It would be great to find out she ran away and now lives a comfortable life under an alias in Canada or something, but odds are her fate was a much darker one. It's an incredibly sad story

  23. It's fake!! The channel was 2150studios I think and pretty sure the channel is not up any more. They actually apologized

  24. UPDATE: the "hi Walter" video was fake, originally intended to be part of a web miniseries. Three people have been identified in the making of the clip – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4286854/Unmasked-internet-hoaxer-Hi-Walter-viral-video.html

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  28. You can see the cameraman in the reflection of his glasses (white guy in back t-shirt with camera). It's an obvious gag to me, but I know it bothered many people. Thankfully, it was just a teaser trailer for a thriller web-series by some actors/production company. It was one scene for an episode. The series was meant to be about a detective (Walter) who is chasing down the criminal (Patrick) who has been kidnapping women. It's nearly 8 years old and never got the support/funding that it needed.

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