Will Star Wars Episode 9 Retcon Rey’s Origins? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

– Will Star Wars Episode
9 retcon Rey’s origins?
It’s been one week since
we got our first look
at Star Wars, The Rise of Skywalker,
and we are still going frame by frame
through the two-minute spot,
hunting for theories like Obi-Wan Kenobi
searching for the planet Kamino.
– Lost a planet Master Obi-Wan has.
How embarrassing.
– And now that we have our eyes
on the first real footage and information
about the final chapter
in the Skywalker Saga,
fans are extending their
stay on the SS speculation
thanks in large part to
director J.J. Abrams,
who spoke to ABC about one
of the sequel trilogy’s biggest questions:
Who are Rey’s parents?
– I don’t know!
– Although we though the
question had been answered
pretty well in The Last Jedi.
– They’re filthy junk traders
who sold you off for drinking money.
– It seems that the Episode 9
director had different plans.
“I will say that we knew going into this
that this movie, it had to
be a satisfying conclusion,
and we were well aware that
that’s one of the things
that’s been out there.”
Abrams then added, “I don’t want to say
that what happens in
Episode 8 didn’t happen.
We have honored that.
But I will say that there’s more
to the story than you’ve seen.”
So how will J.J. Abrams retcon this reveal
while also honoring the resolution
provided in The Last Jedi
that Rey’s parents were nobodies?
Luckily, we may have found some answers
in The Rise of Skywalker teaser.
Considering J.J. set up the
mystery of Rey’s parentage
way back in The Force Awakens,
it’s not surprising to
see it get a callback
in The Rise of Skywalker teaser.
We see a reference to The Force Awakens
with this shot of a ship descending
to a new planet which
bears a strong resemblance
to the ship we see flying
away from young Rey
on Jakku in her Force flashback.
But the bigger reveal the teaser dropped
was that Emperor Palpatine
is around in some capacity
after he decided to see how fast
he could fly down a
reactor shaft. (laughs)
If you’re gonna retcon one thing,
might as well go for broke and retcon two.
Am I right, J.J.?
(foreboding music)
– It’s ironic.
– So now that both boxes
have been reopened,
we see three possibilities
of how J.J. Abrams
could tackle Rey’s origins
in The Rise of Skywalker.
The first option we’re contemplating
is directly connected to the
return of Emperor Palpatine:
That Rey is actually Palpatine’s
biological granddaughter.
This fulfills J.J. Abrams’ promise
to honor the events of The Last Jedi
concerning Rey’s parents, but also
clearly adds more to the story
and would further explain
Rey’s Force capabilities.
Perhaps Rey’s parents didn’t know
they had a connection to Darth Sidious
and really were just filthy junk traders
or maybe they did know and sold her off
to Unkar Plutt to protect her.
Now there is precedent of Palpatine
being a grandpa in the
old Extended Universe
where in The Jedi Prince
young adult novel series
the Emperor had a grandson
with the very Star Wars name of
Yes, (giggles) you read,
slash, heard that correctly.
Ken Palpatine. (laughing)
– [Crew Member] Ken.
– It’s Ken. (laughing)
It’s so, it’s so basic. (laughs)
While the Kenny Palp’s grandchild angle is
probably the least likely
explanation on Rey’s origins,
it’s worth noting that people
have been throwing around
the Rey-as-a-Palpatine
theory from the release
of The Force Awakens with fans noticing
their similar attack style,
plus LucasFilm president Kathleen Kennedy
has said that there have been plans
to bring Palpatine back from the start,
so this would definitely add
value for reviving Sheev.
(dramatic music)
– Do it.
– Another potential
explanation for Rey’s origins
are that she is like Anakin Skywalker,
a convergence of the Force
created by Palpatine.
Both Rey and Anakin were
raised on desert planets,
and both Rey and Anakin were connected
to filthy junk traders, so makes sense!
– Little Ani.
– This would explain Rey’s
strength of the Force
and still allow her parents to be no one.
Now her strength is totally her own
but came from her creation and
manifestation of the Force.
Of course, there is a third possibility,
and it would prove that Kylo Ren was lying
about knowing who Rey’s parents are
and would basically retread the certain
point-of-view conversation we’ve seen
play out in Star Wars before.
– A certain point of view?
– Of course, this is total speculation,
but if Kylo was lying to
her, anything is possible.
Maybe Rey’s parents were
Force users or former Jedi.
But then they came to
Jakku to start a new life,
so they were, in fact,
nobody when they sold her,
but they did have Force powers.
– So what I told you was true,
from a certain point of view.
– In any case, J.J. Abrams
has the difficult task
of concluding the trilogy
while also allowing
the message of The Last Jedi to stand,
that anyone can be a hero no
matter where they come from,
which was directly invoked in
the reveal of Rey’s parents.
Whatever ends up happening,
we can’t wait to see this December.
But what do you folks think?
Do you have a new theory
about Rey’s parents?
Are you digging out your old EU library
to read up on Palpatine?
And knowing how J.J.
likes to give out cameos
to his TV regulars, like Greg Grunberg,
will you riot if Jennifer Garner
doesn’t make a cameo in Episode 9?
Let’s discuss.
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100 thoughts on “Will Star Wars Episode 9 Retcon Rey’s Origins? (Nerdist News w/ Jessica Chobot)

  1. I really wish people would stop calling it a retcon. It has been reported (By numerous sources) that Rian Johnson Told JJ Abrams of his plans, in regards to the Rey parent issue, and JJ said yes. That would mean that there is no need to retcon anything. Besides, have we all forgotten that it was THE VILLAIN who told Rey she was nothing? Villains lie people.

  2. To be fair, Luke is a pretty basic name. So is Han, for that matter. Obi-wan's nickname, Ben.

    The idea that Star Wars characters all need out-there, spacey names is an invention of the EU and the prequels.

  3. Rey is Kylos twin sister! Darth Vader had twins with his old lady and twins are common too grand parents & was hidden just like Leah & Luke were That is a logical conclusion!

  4. Retconned? Her origin isn't really established anyway… Kylo only claims who her parents were, he doesn't actually know, he's simply saying that to convince her to join him. Silly

  5. I always thought Kylo Ren was manipulating Rey from the beginning because Snoke tells Kylo Ren at the beginning of the movie "A cur's weakness, properly manipulated, can be a sharp tool." Then a few scenes later Kylo says that Rey's "greatest weakness" is her search for her parents, she tried to find it in Han. So it would only make sense that in the crucial moment when he tries to get Rey to join him he would try to use her greatest weakness as a tool to convince her. Whether or not that means he is lying is yet to be determined. But I always thought it meant he was lying.

  6. For what it's worth, maybe the idea of a woman sith in the trilogy of trilogies, isn't far fetched? Who knows? Maybe? Perhaps? Hmmm?

  7. I read those books in middle school… Han had a floating house near Cloud City, the Empire was run by an alien with a third eye that shot energy blasts, who tried to marry Leia, and Ken was Luke's ward and apprentice.
    And he was most definitely basic.

  8. Kylo is her brother.
    Solo and Leia are her parents.
    That’s how it should’ve been… from a certain point of view anyway

  9. It's not a retcon. Kylo was lying. When Empire came out and Vader said he was Luke's father audiences thought he was lying. The idea was so prevalent they had to have Yoda confirm it to Luke in Jedi. As a twist on this premise, Kylo lied about Rey's parents and people assumed he was telling the truth, but he wasn't. Kylo Ren is a lying dick.

  10. I can definitely see Rey being Palpatine’s granddaughter as a possibility more so than a creation because it again shows that a good child can come from a bad father or family, just like with Vader being Luke’s father. If Palpatine was to have created her, she would have shown more propensity for evil by this point in the trilogy, similar to Anakin.

  11. the fans denial about her parents is a stupid reason to change it. Origins are different then parents. Her parents really are scavengers that sold her. But my theory is palpatine created her from the force like Anakin. The women who carried Rey was a scavenger that sold her cuz they didn't want her. Only thing Kylo know about her parents is what Rey knows about them, or has come to believe about them. No evidence of him knowing anymore then that.


    Kylo ren saves rey as a child at luke skywalkers training base from the knights of ren as she is palpatines offspring and is a disgrace to the dark side.
    Kylo covers his tracks by saying rey’s pareants are filthy junk traders.

  13. If they retcon one they can retcon two. If they retcon two they can retcon episode 8 with episode 9 and call it episode 8, then give us a fantastic finally with a new episode 9.

  14. Nothing is going to be retconned at all from TLJ. JJ is simply going to pickup where it left off. Kylo being a liar wouldn't be a retcon. People thought the same thing back when ESB first came out, that Vader was lying to Luke.

  15. JC is a killer nerd…….as hot as they come (lol). Interesting theories. From the very beginning, hardcore fans wanted our original heroes to have children. In the EU, Luke had Mara Jade which was absolutely outstanding. Rian Johnson's POS Last Jedi basically ruined this third trilogy, trashing the Skywalkers, especially Luke. JJ appears on a path to do no better. The Title Rise of Skywalker is rumored to be from Rey recovering CP3O and a secret transmitting device from the crashed 2nd Death Star which broadcasts an old Luke Skywalker speech to the Galaxy thereby making the Rebels RISE to defeat the Empire (So Cheesy). The return of Palpatine is rumored to be a lost hologram of the Emperor that gives advice to Kylo Ren (So Cheesy)
    Not gonna spend my money on this one, at this point.

  16. Oh FFS…..you can't retcon her origins when they haven't been determined yet. Kylo said what he did while actively trying to get Rey to join him. You really think a Sith who is trying to convince someone to join them is going to be 100% honest with them? Or is it possible that he was trying to deceive her? A Sith trying to deceive someone?! WHERE HAVE I SEEN THAT BEFORE?! Oh wait, it's literally one of the things Sith do the most.

    And what if he thinks he saw her past because that's what Snoke made him see? It was established that he made the connection between them possible, so is it out of the question that he also — as a Sith — misled Kylo for his own purpose?

    Finally, we don't really know what she saw on the island when she saw herself. Everyone suggesting that this is proof of her origins is literally just jumping to their own conclusions.

    So for the umpteenth time, for those in the back who didn't get the damn message….





  17. Lets face it, Kylo wants to fuck Rey and he wants to turn her to the dark side, all the while Gollum's cousin aka Snoke is fucking with both there minds so they can "talk" to each other and remind Kylo is a fucking child anger fit making baby.

  18. Watch, she was the daughter of Solo’s love interest that was stuck servicing the Sith at the end of the Solo movie. I dunno lol.

  19. Another option: Since Snoke was the one that was making their Force FaceTime (ForceTime?) happen, he could’ve manipulated Kylo’s vision.

  20. What if Ray was conceived by the force just like Anakin.

    This would mean that the name (Skywalker) is given to all those that does not have a biological father.

    Maybe the one that left Ray on the planet Jakku was Ray's young mother that was not ready to be a parent and freaked out by the idea of having a child with a mysterious force.

  21. Number 1, Quit calling this the Skywalker saga. It apparently has nothing to do with the Skywalkers.
    Number 2, Who cares about Rey's origins and or about that character whatsoever. Has no relevance with " Skywalker saga " whatsoever. Period!
    Number 3. Because of episodes 7 & 8 I don't care about or even desire to see episode 9, even if the story was written good and or revues were good. I personally don't like movies I'm not interested in. Why waste money on something that's not worth the time. Can't unsee episodes 7 and 8. Why would episode 9 be relevant to what happens after episode 6? Again, after all said and done, what exactly was this " Skywalker saga " supposed to be

  22. Retcon? Are you saying that a dishonest, manipulative asshole is somehow a reliable source? When were we ever given an actual answer?

  23. I never thought of the "reveal" in Last Jedi to be the truth. I immediately thought Kylo was trying to get her to give up on her hopes for answers and join him.

  24. Think about it the movie is called "The Rise of Skywalker".

    She's a Skywalker, probably ties back to relatives on Tatooine.

    Or is Luke's niece.

    And Finn dies before he can Blacked.com Rey.

  25. Quite simple: Rey's foster parents were nobodies. Her real parents dropped her off at Jakku for unknown reasons. Reys british accent also hints towards imperial heritage or at least she was born on a central system.

  26. Another retcon is that Rey is a Palpatine but her parents became junk traders and drunks out of disgrace from Palpatine's legacy and actions. A once powerful and respected political family on the level with the Organa's reduced to selling their children and junk trading. This would also mirror the legendary Skywalker gone back to the dark with the Palpatine who found the light.

  27. Noo… Not retconing anything. Just applying misdirection to the audience is all. How in the world would Vader's grandson ever know the specifics of our heroine's origin? Very unlikely. Suppositions ans speculations aren't facts. Am I right flat Earthers? We'll just find out in the next movie is all. Hopefully it will be better than the last one!

  28. Ugh I actually hate that he's bringing it back to the original trilogy. The last movie wasn't perfect, but I did like that it allowed for characters without the name Skywalker to shine. That scene where the kid force pulls the broom over to him was really powerful, and it seems like they're setting the final movie up to completely ignore that kind of stuff.

  29. EVERY discussion of anything Episode 9 reminds me that someone should rip Rian Johnson's arms off, like an angry Wookie losing at chess might.

  30. Let me guess, the emperor is her father?! #originalmuch You can't answer the call for nostalgia with plagiarism.. #lame

  31. Why would you call Kylo Ren's opinion a retcon? He's the only one who has made a claim about her parentage.

  32. Ugh. J.J. Abrams is such a hack. Retconning is soooooo fucking lame. Everyone knows what you're doing and everyone knows that it's bullshit.
    I do not want the guy whose contribution was to slavishly COPY the very first Star Wars movie to be retconning over the guy who at least had the balls to tell an original story that built upon what was established by The Force Awakens.

    Rey's parents being nobodies makes perfect sense because 99.999% OF US ARE NOBODIES. If she's some special magical whatever, that undercuts the idea that anyone can be a Jedi. It means that Jedi are like Force royalty or some bullshit.
    Who were Yoda's parents? Who were Qui-Gon's parents? ⬅️ And other questions nobody gives two shits about.
    Fuck. Abrams is going to absolutely pooch the 3rd movie, I just know it.

  33. Looks like JJ is trying to cover for Rian’s colossal mistake that was The Last Jedi … from a certain point of view …

  34. …it's not a retcon. "You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means." — Inigo Montoya.

  35. Again, it's not a fucking retcon. Kylo is a known liar. He doesn't have her power, and the only way he could establish authority over her is by tearing her down and stripping her confidence until she feels like she owes him. It's a standard abuser's move.

  36. i still think Kylo was LYING to GASLIGHT her so he would get what HE wanted from her…. but THOSE TWO SHIPS ARE COMPLETELY DIFFERENT lol

  37. First of JJ and Rian like to fuck with your mind, so expect that things will be reconnected. And,..Do most people REALLY know what Retcon means? Add background info? Change background info? Something not that simple?? I bet most people do not even know where the word 'retcon' comes from. RETROACTIVE CONTINUITY. Google it or read this: https://www.merriam-webster.com/words-at-play/retcon-history-and-meaning

    And I thought Chobot was really Palpatine, grand daughter. With her red kyber crystal constructed baseball bat. And Ken was her idiot brother who she sent on errands to find gushers and things.

  38. I'm gonna be upset if they take it away. JJ needs to not be a coward and be scared into changing this by the upset fanboys. It was a bold move that helped set up one of the main themes of TLJ; that anyone can be a hero. You don't have to be connected to a family of Jedi or created by a Sith lord.

  39. I don't understand how this is a "retcon." The villain, who is actively trying to manipulate you tells you a lie about your parents with literally NO evidence to back it up. Well, that settles it. He was obviously telling the truth. Nothing to see here, move along.

  40. I thought it was Snoke who told Kylo and Rey it was him who made the connection between them, that Snoke was behind it all maybe even the visions? He was manipulating both of them. Why tell the truth unless Snoke is working for palpatine the whole time and somehow that's connected to Rei and who her parents are.

  41. may I just say Jessica Chobot you crack me up LOL and you look especially eligant for some reason I dont know if its the hair the make up or a combo of the two but I could totally see Melisondra In your look HUBA HUBA LOL

  42. Ok … maybe this is my 2 cents. All we ever known of Anikin was he was a slave. What if Ani's mom had a sister. Who also had a child born in poverty and also was a slave. Another Skywalker who went through life never knowing about its potential. This person also had a child who grew up parallel to Luke and Leah's timeline. Leah / Han had Kylo. Know lets say this other Skywalker had a child that's growing up parallel to Kylo … Aka … Rey. Force Awakens right. Reys Skywalker bloodline awoke when she came into contact with Kylo's Skywalker bloodline. Hmmm.

  43. If you want to call revealing that a Dark Jedi, who was trying to manipulate her emotionally at the time, was lying a retcon, then sure. I would personally just call that making sense.

  44. What's wrong with Ken? There's Ben Kenobi & Ben Solo? 🤷‍♂️😂😂 I find your lack in the force disturbing!

  45. IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE A RETCON!!! I origianlly just assumed Kylo was just messing with her anyway. But I do like the possibility of her being a Palpatine.

  46. Thai official title just released and its literal translation is “rebirth of Skywalker”. Any comment on this? @nerdist

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