WIXT Channel 9 News Brief – 10/7/83 – Earthquake

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you with us tonight it has been almost seventeen hours and central new york for
much of the northeastern part of canada for shaken by an earthquake although the quake was a moderate
intensity measuring five point two on the richter scale it is sure to be the
topic of much conversation for years to come we have a series of reports on the quake
beginning what eyewitness reporting desperate blue mountain lake in the on
iran backs where that tremors were centered yet on deck museum at bluemountain
houses a seismograph they revealed the full scope of this morning’s earthquake at six twenty and anyone that machines went off the track information is fed from four
battery-operated seismographs in the blue mountain region via phone lines to
columbia university it was there that the five point two designation was
reached and the epicenter determined part is not a very sophisticated instrument it’s mostly for demonstration
purposes army indeed uh… the largest wait it out for this morning
was so large and happened so fast that basically mule went off the chart from
ours really cool we show those smaller
aftershocks large

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